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[Max] Bug Reporting / strange IES spotlight
« on: 2018-07-29, 16:58:26 »
I'm trying to use IES profiles for ETC Source 4 stage lights.  When I render out a spot, it also comes with a a dim square around the spot on the floor (see attached file).  Is it possible to get rid of the square?

Also, how do I attach an image to the light source so I can project it?

Thanks very much.

[Max] General Discussion / Corona a good choice?
« on: 2017-08-15, 20:07:37 »
I primarily produce rendering for stage shows and trade show environments.  Much of my light comes from projections, and bounce light from lit cycloramas, large LED screens, and spotlights onstage. Lots of bounce light from various lit fabric scenery. I've been using mental ray, but I'm ready for something better.  Would Corona be a good choice?  I have an i7 6950x w/64 GB ram & an nVidia 1080.

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