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Hardware / threadripper 1950x issue while rendering
« on: 2018-12-18, 20:51:21 »
Hi all,
Im facing some problems most propably becouse of threadripper 1950x..
I bought new processor threadripper 1950x, new motherboard MSI and 64GB of RAM. When Im rendering in corona it happens that my screen goes black, but system is still running, so I have to restart my computer. It happens unpredictably. Sometime I can render during whole night and nothing happens. But after I save my final image and want to render another scene the screen goes black after 10 minutes or 2 hours or so. I tried reinstall my system two times, I also tried change RAM from my 64GB to new 16GB but it is still happening. I tried all HW tests for RAM, graphic card and processor all sucsesfull without any warning. I tried render my old scenes which I renderer out successfully on my older maschine. The system is running normaly when doing common work, searching thru internet, using photoshop or indesign. It only happens when using corona. My scenes are packed and placed on one place disc C SSD (I tried aslo another disc D SSD) so there cant be issue with missing textures. Im using Cinema R17. I wrote on Cinema bug thread and got answer it could be becouse of bloom and glare are switched on while rendering but that is not the problem. Thomas M. Grimes recommended me to write here on general discussion for some help. Is there anybody who could advice me. Do you think it could be bad motherboard or even processor? although I tried test it out sucsessfully. Those poeple from the company i bought those three components cant racionally help me becouse they dont test computers for rendering and certainly not for using corona. Im convinced that it must be becouse of one of those three components I bought it. it is not becouse of RAM I tried new ones, could it be the motherboard? if processor is without warrnings after load test. If there is anybody to tell me something I will be glad for your words.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Black screen while rendering
« on: 2018-12-10, 20:01:58 »
Hi all,
I have a problem and hope someone could help me with this. I bought a new processor threadripper 1950x, RAM 64GB and new motherboard. PC is running really great (I tried all those tests for RAM, and procesor, also have latest drivers, everything fine) but when Im rendering any of my scenes, also those which i rendered  successfully on my old maschine my monitor goes black after some passes. It is whorse couse it is unpredictable. PC is running, but monitor goes black so I have to always restart my PC. It only happens when corona is rendering. 
Please could you advice me...

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