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Dear all fellow Corona C4D users,
I want to show you our C4d and corona-focused site We offer high class real-world Corona Materials and helpful C4d plugins and also Corona engine compatibl3(c4d only):

2) I want to highlight our Corona compatible high res, 8k, seamless, photo real world based DNA|MATERIAL SETS (PBR texture sets+ corona shaders).
The Materials are focused on ArchViz , but can be also used for designers, staging etc.

All Materials are all hand processed by is, not artificial generated (no substance use!). They offer great detail, variation and big surface sizes (5-10m square mostly). All are derived from real-world surface sources.
We offer them a greatly affordable prices of only 1 or less Euro per Material set. (if bought in a Bundle)

So the bundles are available at a special price atm, with MINUS 30% Summer Special, so if you want some it is now a good time to save a bit money.

The presets come also with 1 click import assets sets for the new C4D asset browser with nice custom previews, this is one of my favourite work flow enhancements, i use the materials myself via the c4dasset browser now, where one can simple choose and drag and drop them into the scene or onto objects.

Here you find all DNA|Material Textures:

Here you find our C4d and corona compatible plugins:

i want to highlight our great plugin TILEPRO (like 3dsmax Bercon tiles, only a lot more powerful!):

Here direct links to the material pdfs:

M01 Metal Surfaces  -
M02 Metal Meshes  -
M03 Concrete surfaces  -
M04 Bricks  -
M05 Wood Parquet  -
M06 Wood facades  -
M07 Structured Concrete Surfaces  -
M08 Wood Floors  -
M09 Roofs1  -
M10 Pavements1  -

Corona Materials in Asset browser for drag and drop use:

Best greetings

Dear All,


as a reminder, the Special is still running with 30% off on all our Material & texture products!


As some asked me, YES the textures come with free bonus shader presets for all texture sets,

for the following engines:


    Corona render 6-10, (C4d and 3dsmax)
    V-Ray 6 (C4d & 3dsmax)Redshift (C4d)
    Octane (C4D)
    Blender (via blendermarket)

    +also special versions for:
    D5 render (extra sets at 2 & 4k)
    Enscape 3D render  (extra sets at 2 & 4k)[/li]


They of course work in any other render or real time app, like Unreal5 or Twinmotion, Lumion etc.

All are PBR texture sets with all needed channels at 8k, seamless of course,

derived from real-world Photos we took.

Dear ALL, 🔥 Save up to 30% sale on all our DNA Material bundles!

high end 8k seamless PBR material with shader presets for Corona Render 10, including 1 click install for the new c4d asset-browser (easy drag and drop)

Hi Stefan,

Just purchased the brick collection... Amazing as always! Was using some of my CGAxis mats but didn't quite cut it. This has more brick than you can throw at, LOL! Almost have your complete library now. Top libraries! Have had so many issues with Siger for animation work, you can't export their mats properly for render farms. Almost lost a project because of it, not good!


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