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Missing Chaos Scatter when installing Corona 9

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Hey guys,

Long time 3Ds Max Corona user, started a new job and they also threw in a new PC, so naturally I installed Corona 8 (trial version). Here lies the problem Corona 8 had the Chaos Scatter toolbar as expected. Last night I purchased a full license, and installed Corona 9. Weirdly though, the Chaos Scatter toolbar is no longer in the toolbar, nor is it accessible with the rightclick drop down menu. I also looked in Customise user interface, not there either. I've tried reinstalling Corona with admin rights. Uninstalled and resintalled. Still not showing the Chaos Scatter toolbar.

I'm currently on a job that requires me to scatter, so a solution would be greatly appreciated.


Can you access Scatter from the Command Panel, or it's just not installed at all?

Looks like its just not installed for some reason?

Please try this:
Uninstall Corona from the Windows "Programs"
Uninstall Scatter too

Make sure your installer is planed on a local drive (e.g. just C:\... or D:\...) and not in a network location.
Install Corona 9 again using the standard installation option.

Check if Scatter is working in 3ds Max now. If not:

Use the Unpack option in the Corona 9 installer and open the readme.txt file in the resulting folder to see instructions how to manually install Corona, Scatter, and other components (it is a matter of copying the right folders into right places).

Hey Maru,

Appologies on my delay getting back to you, busy busy.

Just got around to testing what you said. I used Windows to uninstall corona, then tried to uninstall Scatter, which odly wouldnt uninstall with windows (probably because there was no folder in the location that it would normaly be. Not sure how that happened as I dont recall deleting it) As Windows wasnt playing ball, I used CCleaner to do it succesfully. I then reinstalled and its all working now! Thanks for your help!


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