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Tone Mapping Not Updating in VFB


I just updated to version 8 and I'm having issues with the Tone Mapper. 

Opening up an older scene and rendering.  Any adjustments I make to the VFB - Tone Mapping settings do not automatically take affect.  The only work around I have found is to tick on off and on the Sharpening/Blurring option, it then correctly updates.

Anyone else have this issue?

Hi can you clarify which 3dsMax version you are currently using?

experiencing the same issues but not just with Tone Mapper, both the Interactive and full render in VFB do no respect any adjustments or changes to the camera ISO, F stop or shutter as well as any adjustments to tonemapper settings. Nothing changes in VFB even playing with extreme values like setting ISO from 100 to 10000, no change in lighting.

Tried a clean scene no dice... Updated from Corona 7 to 8, will try to uninstall and do a clean install.

nevermind, figured it out. Corona 8 moved the default exposure settings from the camera to the VFB. Default is set to use Simple Exposure as usual, but now you have to untick it or delete it and add Photographic Exposure to the Tone Mapping of the VFB or override and add it to the camera's Tone Mapping...


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