Author Topic: Motion Blur - with vertical tilt glitch  (Read 532 times)

2022-05-04, 16:06:30


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I am experiencing some weird issues with Motion Blur and vertical tilt on the Corona Camera. It seems very temperamental.

I have enabled motion blur in the render setup and on the individual camera.

Then I have enabled vertical tilt on the camera, I have also tried to avoid using the vertical tilt 'tick box' on the camera and key framing the vertical tilt values from key frame to key frame.

I have attached an imaged to show what is happening, this is a still taken from frame 0, so there is zero movement from the camera. so strange, not sure what I am doing wrong or if its a glitch.

Any ideas?

Thank You,

2022-05-09, 14:13:46
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Looks similar to what a couple of use experienced a while back - there never was a resolution as far as I'm aware