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iMac M1 16Gb, C4D R25+Corona v8 daily Native-FINAL RENDER VERY SLOW

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iMac M1 16Gb, C4D R25 Native+Corona v8 daily Native. When rendering the cores do not work at 100%. High performance cores and efficiency cores run at 50-60% and the initial pass is very slow. Interactive render does force higher core usage, though not 100%. This will have a solution in the final version? Usage is very stable and cinema, corona and interactive render works much faster than on my iMac i9 (2020)+AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16 GB.
Excellent work, you have created a very powerful tool.

I hear you!

I Also have the same problem, the problem is related to the Kernel tasking process as you can see on the pic. Now, what makes the Kernal ramp up like that I'm not sure ( it's not the temperature), this happens for a good part of the render and eventually it will go down. I notice on small scenes with not much textures or lowers res it doesnt show up, it makes me believe its the memory management processe like swaping the ram.. this would be my guess but I'm no expert. I hope it's fixable!! or just low ram :(

Hi, thanks for reporting, we'll check and discuss with the team.


With the version of 02-16-2022 I keep experiencing that the processors do not work 100% in complex scenes. It looks like efficient cores at 50% and powerful cores at 75%. I hope they can fix it soon. Very happy with the news, brilliant software!!!

I haven't tested on the latest,

It seems like a memory leak problem? It's just a guess.

it's quit annoying :(


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