Author Topic: Behavior of Multi Shader changed  (Read 381 times)

2022-01-15, 18:07:18


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It seems that the behavior of the Multi Shader changed in the build from January 10th: Apparently it now randomizes the Material Tag index?

There's a handy technique described in this thread which prevents seams from appearing on character skins, and this relies on the Multi Shader not randomizing the Material Tag indices: Whatever was in slot #1 of the Multi Shader would apply to the areas assigned via Material Tag #1 and so on.

With the build from January 10th this technique breaks and there doesn't appear to be any workaround... any chance we could (optionally?) get the old behavior back?
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2022-01-18, 10:13:00
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we will look into this, thanks for bringing this up!

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