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Latest Nightly render Extremely slow

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I have a fairly big scene......

Rendering with the latest nightly (March 31) I rendered 13 hours and my noise level was around 10% if I recall correctly.
Rendering the same scene with the previous nightly (Feb 17th Daily) , after 54 min it is on 10% noise already.

We'd need more info please - either at least 1 frame of the scene so we can see what you are rendering, some info on the scene set up in case it has something unusual in it, and of course best of all would be the scene itself, sent via private uploader.

I am uploading the scene to dropbox with all the maps etc.
PLEASE keep it to yourself, the client have not yet presented... it is WIP.

I saw the biggest issue/ time difference on Take "BAR", rendered at 5000 pixels

TY for uploading! Although it won't be me looking into it, just wanted to write and say we definitely keep all things confidential and inside the company only (scene, any images and tests, etc. - won't be shared anywhere).

One thing though, can you tell us the filename of the upload here so that we know to associate that file with this report? Thanks!

Thank you!
It is called bug.rar


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