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V7 support in macOS 10.13.

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--- Quote from: johnnyswedish on 2021-04-23, 23:42:53 ---I recently made the scary switch to PC last year and wish I had done this 15 years ago!

--- End quote ---
Hi John
thanks for your input, and I get your point, but I promise you if you had made that switch 15 years ago, you would have not lasted a week on PC’s. I made the switch to Mac in 2006 and was blown away that a computer can actually run without crashing every couple of days.
When the MacPro died in a trashcan I started hackintosh-ing and besides that silly Apple - Nvidia war, this worked out really well for me, Mac stability and PC’s raw CPU power.
Glad to hear the switch worked out for you and I might consider it if I feel it could really benefit my work, but we might all be on apple silicon once it can handle the workload...

Don’t forget, YOU are the brighter side of life, your PC is just a tool ;-)

Hi Frank,

Totally get you and wise words :-) Hope you get resloved. John

Hello. I am also an OSX 10.13 user and I am very angry that support for this operating system has been dropped with the new versions of Corona. But on the other hand, since everything passed into the hands of the Chaos Group, this was the choice. I had both subscriptions but I had to request a refund of the amount paid for Vray 5 because this also does not work on OSX 10.13. Among other things, before making the purchase of the new subscription to Vray 5, the incompatibility was not even reported on the official website of Chaos. When I asked a specific question, I was told that it was an oversight.

Hi, I'm not a macOS user but I was wondering how long one hangs onto using an old OS version? Are there any major factors that prevent you from upgrading your OS? Curious...

In my case, having an iMac mid 2011, the last possible upgrade was to OSX High Sierra. The iMac is an i7, 32 Gb of ram, 1 Tera hd SSD. So a machine still able to work and with decent results in terms of speed, considering that I have slaves with which to distribute the calculation.


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