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V7 support in macOS 10.13.

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Hi Beanz,
the main reason to stick with macOS 10.13 is that Nvidia stopped offering gpu drivers for Mac 10.14 and newer. If you need CUDA for whatever reason, Nvidia is your only choice.
Even when considering using a different machine for C4D/ corona, buying a 3 year old AMD gpu for around $900 ($250 originally) in this current crypto craze is just ridiculous. 
Up until M1 Macs, recent yearly os updates where largely cosmetic (“fun” new emoticons, etc.) and designed to sell more products.

The reality for me, if I want to run corona V7, I would need to buy new hardware and also upgrade c4d.
I’m still on R18 and don’t really have a reason to upgrade. It runs very stable and offers all the features that I need.
So, it’s very expensive to switch to corona V7 because of dropped 10.13. support.

Sorry for rambling, have a great weekend.


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