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V7 support in macOS 10.13.

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Is there any way V7 dailies and/or the upcoming release can be supported in macOs 1013.?
When you started V7 dailies last year it said, quote: “From now on, Corona will require macOS version 10.13 or newer”.
Well, it “successfully” installs in 10.13, but corona in c4d missing and opening CIE gives me “You can’t use this version of the application “Corona Image” with this version of macOS.”
V7 12/31 is the last daily that worked.


unfortunately, it has been decided that we would only support the previous 3 versions (for now that means 10.14, 10.15, 11).
If you want to continue using 10.13, I would recommend either using the 31-12-2020 daily build (as you have) or the V6 hotfix 1 stable release.

Thank you for understanding,

This is very disappointing. I run 10.13.6 because that's the last version with nvidia drivers for running Octane and Redshift. I use those two and Corona depending on the job in hand. Looks like Corona won't get used so much. Ok I can use V6, but I want to use the new material workflow.

I'm actually surprised that not more mac users ask for 10.13 support because they need nvidia cards and switching to 10.14 and newer is not an option.

I understand it's probably just easiest to tie corona to Apple's OS support cycle, but if at all possible, maybe a "experimental 10.13 version" without any tech support etc... a "use at your own risk" version, no dailies, just V7 when released...
Already sounds unrealistic as I'm typing this, but a man can dream... dammit!

Hi jojorender,

I have been a loyal Mac user since the Quadra working as a graphic designer. I eventually morphed into 3d using my first Commodore Amiga with Sculpt 3D, then moved onto Strata 3D on Mac, then C4D... I recently made the scary switch to PC last year and wish I had done this 15 years ago! I was SO blown away by the stability and expansion options (not to mention PURE power of CPU) compared to Macs. If you are serious about 3D, switch to PC. It truly is the brighter side of life :-) John


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