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Tyflow Motionblur

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Is there any chance you guys could have a look at tyFlow again? I understand its very difficult to add motionblur to geometry that changes topology. But when the topology is the same it should be able to load and render a tyFlow particle system. Corona hangs on parsing the scene for no apparent reason. Octane is almost just as picky when it comes to changing topology, but it renders these scenes fine. I would prefer to use Corona.

Example TyCache that crashes Corona:

Animation begins at frame 750.

I would love for this to be fixed too.

Got the exact same problem here with Corona 6 Daily Build.

@nagboy can you please re-send the scene on wetransfer or host it using our uploader:
The previous upload is expired.


Ive uploaded a new file through the link you provided.

I really feel this is a typical example where motionblur should have worked. The tyflow configuration has been tailor made for corona acceptance criteria - no change in topology, still it hangs at "Transforming Vertices".

1. All particles are simple spheres.
2. There are no particles birthed / killed during the entire animation (no change in topology)
3. Particles are scaled to zero instead of killing them - so they are still in the scene, just infinitely small.
4. All particles are birthed at the same frame (frame 0) (the animation is reverse direction so they are all actually birthed at frame 500, just playback is in reverse).


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