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Which 3D soft to integrate into next?

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Please do for blender

Hi all! First, thank you for the information on which software you are using, where you would like to have Corona Renderer as an option.

We've kept this poll open for many years now, but there's an unfortunate truth that we've discovered along the way: we are simply not getting enough good new developers added to the team to meet the extensive challenges that come with integrating Corona into new software. Since we can't sacrifice speed or quality of development on our core Cinema 4D and 3ds Max versions, we've found that it's not possible for us to develop Corona for other software at the moment.

It's experience that has been the teacher here, as in the past we had started development on several other versions of Corona only to find ourselves stretched too thin and we had to stop the development (Maya, SketchUp, and ARCHICAD for example).

With that in mind, with things as they are right now we must focus on our 3ds Max and Cinema 4D versions and we can't look into developing Corona for other software. For those reasons, in order to save disappointment when someone votes in the poll, we are going to lock this thread so that there are no new votes or comments.

Our apologies for any disappointment that you won't soon see Corona developed for your favorite application. As a note, we are locking it and not deleting it, as things can change and we may come back to the information here in the future!


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