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Preparing geometry

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I've had this happen seemingly randomly in the past and solved the issue by merging my scene into a new file. Maybe give that a try?

Christa Noel:
if i'm not wrong, I remember there was a thread here that completing windows update could solve this issue.

So, i've tried scenes at my office, i work on a i7 5960 there and it works just fine. Render starts in a few seconds.

At home, at my 2xXeon 2650, the phase takes about 2-3 minutes. Same scene... So i suppose it comes down to this station. I've done all the windows updates, updated drivers in general, nothing works.

Also, interactive mode starts up in a few seconds, so no problem there.

Any more suggestions?

you could capture a minidump during the parsing, I can then take a look at it (see my signature)

Thank you Ondra. I've upploaded a .dmp at dropbox. :)


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