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Yeah,thanks, I'll try in this night.
But... do you have any plans to fix BTT tool for the final release?


--- Quote ---Checker -> UVW Randomizer (Mesh Element mode, use U and/or V offset 0 to 1) -> pipe to 1. Diffuse, 2. Displacement. Could also not repro any discrepancy in other slots.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Inspection :


 (Report ID=CRMAX-687)

--- End quote ---

Just to add to this one, UVW Randomizer doesn't work correctly when used with a CoronaDisplacementMod - the same (incorrect) randomisation which doesn't match the Diffuse is applied.

Hoping this is fixed before long, it's not been mentioned in RC2 or 3 and currently makes UVW Randomisation almost unusable...

in RC3, is it normal that the max IOR value of a physical material is 3 ? (minimum is 1)


Hi everyone,

We have been using some of the Corona 7 daily builds in some of our latest production archviz projects. We are very happy in general with all the nice new Corona 7 features, like the PhysicalMtl, etc. All dailies have been pretty stable for us during these last weeks.

I have just tried the new Atmospheric perspective effect in one of our current complex exterior scenes (urban situation). I find the effect to be really nice, fast to render and effective, thanks a lot for the hard work! However, I´ve experienced some weird behaviours, something like a strong Magenta tint, while tweaking the turbidity values. The most curious thing is that it is super visible through reftactions on glass surfaces. I´m a bit confused, not sure what is happening here. Please find attached some crop redners of one of the shots. I´m using a default CoronaSun and the new "improved" Sky model, with everything by default, except from:
-Altutude: 40m
-Volume effect: 1.5
-Turbidity: variable from 2 to 6 (read each file name to see value)


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