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2021-06-30, 09:29:49


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Almarai Natural Honey / Cgi

A commercial project that i recently worked on to develop the campaign images for the launch of Almarai Natural Honey. This new campaign again gave us an opportunity to do some photo-realistic food CGI work and creating detailed landscape also in CGI. The campaign talks about the purity of Almarai honey as it is made in farms and tended in a traditional process. The aim was to showcase the products in an appetising way which helps bring about the purity and naturalness of the product. My role in the project was to creatively lead the entire campaign & work on the shading, lighting & retouching the renders as well. Products, honey elements, farm houses and flowers were modeled in maya & vegetation was created using forest pack pro & corona scatter for the placement of the flowers.

Softwares : Autodesk Maya / 3ds max / Corona Renderer / Forest pack pro / Adobe Photoshop


Cgi Lead - Kalpesh Patil
Modeling & Texturing  - Kiran Batle
Shading, Lighting & Look Development - Kalpesh Patil
Post -production  - Kalpesh Patil & Shrikant Jakkula

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2021-06-30, 11:47:52
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Nice job. Looks convincing to me.

2021-06-30, 12:32:12
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Very nice. A job well done!