Author Topic: Motion Blur on backplate  (Read 973 times)

2023-04-27, 23:16:10
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When blurring the backplate, remember to match the angle of the blur to the direction of the camera/car. Also, break your backplate into visual planes and apply a lesser amount of the same blur to each section with the far distance getting just a little blur. This is a very quick example using a still I found and very basic blur of the wheels.

If you want to go crazy, you can use a gradient to change the blur as the distance increases. Subtle, but adds to the realism.

Thanks Al - you should look at Virtual rig studio.  I ended up buying it yesterday.  Lets you draw multiple vector splines to direct the blur direction and strength.  I'm still learning it, and this example is off, but here is my first (10 minute) attempt.  Seems better then Photoshop for this kind of application.

2023-04-28, 03:11:34
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Wow. That looks great! I'll keep that app in mind.

2023-04-28, 08:46:26
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Looks great for just 10mins of tinkering, good job!
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2023-04-28, 13:01:45
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Nice :- ) Have a look through their tutorials, the app offers the option to blur 360 HDRi as well. Because for correctness, even reflections should be motion blurred. But don't use the motion blurred version for Light/GI.
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