Author Topic: activating coron license  (Read 5823 times)

2021-06-01, 15:17:59


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How annoying it is that I bought a license and cannot install it because I get all-time info there is no license! , to let buyers use the app without no tutorials for Mac users, no sepecific tutorial for different license,  support that just repeat for several times what to do that just dont compare with my issue.  no people to contact..just some chaotic complicated links , forums...well not all people are nerds...

2021-06-01, 15:57:27
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Hello, it's Marcin from the Corona support team here. I have already notified you multiple times that a dedicated person from our Cinema 4D support team will be with you shortly.
Since you were not able to use Corona for some time, we will be happy to add a few extra days to your subscription to compensate for this bad experience.

Also, please do not report the same issue multiple times using different support channels. This will always do more harm than good.

If you wish, we can also deactivate your license and refund your payment. Please let me know if you would like that.

Thank you for understanding.

Marcin Miodek |
3D Support Team Lead - Corona | contact us