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Shouldn't "automatic height" keep the height proportionally correct regardless of mapping or tiling?
In this video I used a small cylinder as the node. But when on the pattern, it gets distorted in height.

Hi there,
Please, see video below. Am I missing something? Or the slicer is broken?
Using Corona 9.1 on Max 2023.2

I know that the sky had a lot of development in the last couple of years, but I still feel it has the same problem as usual: It completely goes to white on a huge area around the sun location. It just doesn't look realistic anymore now that cell phone cameras got so much better.
Below I have a very simple scene with a sun/sky at defaults, and some geometry blocking the sun. As you can see the grey of the walls (default corona physical material grey) looks ok, but then the sky looks completely white, and the areas that do have some color look very desaturated.

Is there any way to reduce the glare of the sun to just the circle of it and leave the rest as blue sky like in the photo on the top right?


Using 3Ds max 2023 and Corona 9.1

Note: highlight compression doesn't seem to help

As I understand, the 'edit' pop up window in the 'shutter curve' within the motion blur rollout allows you to set the motion blur from 0 to 1, which would be the equivalent of fully closed and fully open.
What if...we can set that value to 5 for example, to allow for a very exaggerated motion blur, while keeping DOF at a normal level?

[Max] Feature Requests / Thumbnails for CXR files
« on: 2022-12-11, 19:37:05 »
When going through my CXR files it's often very hard to know which image it is.
It would be very helpful to have thumbnails on windows explorer.


Please, see the video below.
It seems that when I do a numerical transformation on at a subobject level, IR doesn't update. This doesn't happen with edit poly.

This was a new scene.

Using Max 2020, Corona 9, Windows 10.

[Max] Feature Requests / Tone mapping - Shadows and blacks
« on: 2022-10-12, 19:58:34 »

I find it very hard to bring shadows up without flattening the image. The options, new and old, on the tone mapping area all seem to give a Reinhard effect.
It would be great to have the attached controls to level the contrast better than the tools already in place.
The attached was taken from the Photoshop camera raw.

When I install Corona as a multiloader, I really would like to have the option of NOT installing the library.
Could that checkbox be added to the installer please?

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Corona 9 RC1 3DS Max Crash on open
« on: 2022-10-05, 20:41:09 »
Hi all,

First, thank you for all the really hard work in the last year or so.

I have Corona 9 RC1 as a multiloader (is that the term?).
Opening a really big scene I've been working on with Corona 8 makes Max to crash right after opening. So the scene does open, but then a few seconds later it closes and the Autodesk error report comes up.
Please, find the minidump attached.

Windows 10, 3DS Max 2020

EDIT: I'm trying to attach the minidump file but this page will not publish the post...Let me know if I should send it via email please.

Reading on Stack (Facebook), I found this comment. Could this be implemented in Corona? (see attached)
Especially useful, I think, for Scatter objects.

I'm using a decal to project an embossed number.
When the mask source is from the material it works as expected, but when it comes from the "Map" slot it seems to form a contour.

Corona 8.2 and 3DS Max 2020.

[Scatter] Feature Requests / Improved Surface color texmap
« on: 2022-07-26, 16:15:31 »

Really enjoying Corona 8!

The Surface Color map is ok for very small objects, but it would be great if we could get the actual texture onto each instance, as opposed to just one single color.
Additionally, it would be good to have an opacity or blending mode, so we can mix the underlaying texture with the texture that each instance already has.
And finally a way to increase or decrease the size of the projected texture in real-world scale when applying a custom map.

Thank you.

Using 3ds max 2020 and Corona 8.2
It seems that the only way the corona distance map works with scatter is in legacy mode.

[Max] General Discussion / Very happy with V8
« on: 2022-06-27, 17:00:18 »
Hi all,

I just wanted to say that I'm very pleased with the new version 8.
So far I found many time saving features and improvements. From being able to use corona scatter instead of forest pack, to decals and the amazing slicer material. And it remains super stable!
Congratulations on what it is a great release.

EDIT: Also liking A LOT the new physical material from V7.

[Max] I need help! / Getting squares on IR refresh
« on: 2022-06-23, 17:02:08 »
Please, see attached.
I'm getting these squares on the grass when IR refreshes. I need to stop and restart it in order to get a clean image.

Corona 8, 3Ds Max 2020


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