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General CG Discussion / Midjourney V5
« on: 2023-03-21, 12:24:49 »
Just wondered if anyone had played around with much success with MJv5 for creating seamless textures?

I just had a quick play by adding "--tile" to the end of the prompt, which apparently turns your prompt into a seamless tile.

The only downside I can see currently is the max resolution being 2048 (hopefully I'm wrong on that)

But even so, there's nothing to stop these being used on smaller assets that aren't too close to the camera imo.

Anyone else tried it.  Pro's and Con's?

[Max] I need help! / Re: CShading_SourceColor
« on: 2023-03-12, 22:26:41 »

Scene Manager - you can configure all 600 scenes inside one 3ds max file, then batch render directly from inside the Pulze Scene Manager interface

See here  -

I'd look at Pulze Scene Manager if I were you - it will do exactly what you need.  You'll need to spend a bit of time setting up each 'camera' with the correct layers on an off, but it should cover your needs.

(The email subject was "Changes to your monthly Corona subscription" or similar, depending on license type. It should be easy to find it in your inbox by searching for "Corona subscription".)

Weird, I still can't find mine, I knew about the change though, i 100% got an email about that, I just meant did the email include notes about keeping render nodes and having to email support in order to do so.

Doesn't matter now, perhaps I deleted my email.

eipi will already know, but for anyone else following the story, we have got everything working the way eipi wanted - that is, the way it should have worked. Sorry that it took some extra effort in pinging us here to get it resolved correctly. This is not the experience we want for our users. Thanks for your patience eipi while we got that straightened out.

As a reminder, if anyone is looking to move from an active monthly subscription with free render nodes that come from being a long time user over to annual, do not change anything on your account and instead contact with the request to swap over to annual and preserve your free nodes. If you do make a mistake though and try to change it yourself, that's not the end of the world, we can and do fix it up for you in response to a ticket about it (and without having to post here in the forums!).

Should this information not go out to all users in an email?  Apologies if it has done, I'm sorted but haven't seen any emails stating any of this and I only found out because I'm on here, so for those that don't use the forums perhaps?

I still think there's something wrong with UVW randomizer and normal maps. Here's two simple renders. In one of them the ground is randomized only by U and V offset and it is rendering correctly. In the other one, W rotation added to randomization and it is clear that the normal map is working incorrectly. Both examples rendered without randomization per each tile. What's interesting is that by changing randomization seed, sometimes you can get normal map working correctly.

This is the same issue I was having here right?

[Max] I need help! / Re: missing plugin
« on: 2023-01-24, 20:11:56 »
Although you uninstalled the previous version, the folder structure might be still on your C>Program Files>Autodesk

If it's there, just have a look in the Plugins folder to see if anything is different

General CG Discussion / Client Review/Collaboration Tools
« on: 2023-01-16, 20:19:48 »
Does anybody use any client review/collaboration tools that have improved your workflow when it comes to client feedback on drafts etc?

We currently just issue drafts via email to the relevant parties and request feedback is provided by a given date, or we arrange a zoom meeting and everyone loads the images and we run through comments and changes that way.

Ideally I want this process to be much more centralized and collaborative and cloud based, so feedback is consolidated and not coming in waves from the different parties involved.

I've seen things like Ftrack and Filestage and Drawboard, but just wondered if anyone had any experience with any of these or anything similar that they would recommend.


What if you disable "Clear VFB between renders" in Render Setup > System? :)

Ohh, didn't know we had that option. That's great! Gonna try it. Thank you

Be careful of using DR, the method Maru mentioned sometimes messes up, the rest of the image remains but you might find it becomes noisy

Not really sure whether what I'm about to say helps here, but that video posted by Dalton looks far more 'interactive' than what I get with Corona IR.  It gives a much better representation of the final render in a much shorter space of time?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Megascans Plants
« on: 2023-01-09, 14:49:44 »
No it looked rubbish.  It was the only one that wasn't right.  Either way, the plant models geometry on Megascans look a bit low quality anyway to me, not great for closeups that's for sure.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Megascans Plants
« on: 2023-01-07, 19:33:02 »
Oddly the translucency map is automatically loaded (Export via Bridge) with the gamma overridden as 1.  Most of the others are fine.  I'm assuming it's just one that doesn't translate well.  The darker areas on the translucency colour map are jet black, sampled at 0,0,0 so somethings off

[Max] I need help! / Megascans Plants
« on: 2023-01-07, 14:46:37 »
So I've just downloaded some plants from Megascans, nice to see them setup with the Physical Material - but I've spotted something that goes against everything I thought I knew so far.

I was always under the impression, from multiple sources, that leaves generally had quite a dark albedo, and then a much brighter translucency colour.  However, the first asset I've checked is the opposite.  The translucency is much darker than the albedo ...

Does anyone know why this would be?  Could it just be that this asset just so happens to be like that in reality?  Could it be wrong (I don't know how realiable megascans is with regards accuracy)?  Does anyone have better knowledge than me on how plants work in reality that can shed some light (clue: I have zero knowledge)?

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