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So I wasn't able to really 'solve' this problem and had to come up with a work around.  It does appear that it only happens when you have the "Inside Color" checked.  with that unchecked, anything that overlaps works exactly how you'd expect it to. Seems like a bug in the shader.

Thanks, Pokoy.  I'll try the chamfer trick.  Unfortunately, the real geo I'm using is all procedural (a.k.a Railclone) so turning it into one piece of booleaned geometry wouldn't really be possible.

There seems to be a problem when using overlapping geometry and the CoronaDistance Map.  Where it overlaps, you get triangles of the "far" color.  Could anyone help with figuring out why this is happening and if there's a solution?

Images attached of the viewport geometry, settings, and the rendering.

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