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Bridge supporrted

My Bridge can export corona.
Hi! How come Corona's material library is so slow, while Vray's is so fast?


Corona Benchmark rework please.


--- Quote from: marchik on 2020-08-27, 05:24:30 ---Since Corona is mainly used for interior renderings, and there are fabrics in each of them, I would like to suggest considering the introduction of a separate shader for fabrics.
I work quite closely with fabric in all its variations and came to the conclusion that corona render cannot currently provide an effective tool for rendering it realistically, and introducing sheen and velvet attributes in coronamtl will not fix the problem. Geopattern can partially solve the issue but we dont have it.

In 2017 viscorbel created a thread but did not receive any comments from the development team.
There he mentioned the ThunderLoom plugin that uses the Irawan shading model (introduced in 2012) with pattern determination with WIF files to correctly recreate the reflectivity of individual fabric strands, with the correct anisotropy without using falloff fake approach.
Now i can create any texture in substance designer but cannot use it properly to explain my render engine what i want from him))
Basically, we need something like CoronaHairMtl but with the ability to apply it to regular surfaces, imitating the thread pattern by using texture maps or wif files (moreover, the basic set of patterns can be included in the Corona material library), with separate fuzzines setting, ability to use bump and normal maps for initial mesh, not for individual hair strand only, both for adding wrinkles and for imitating thread volume.

Since I have tried a huge variety of approaches to creating fabric, I have a large pool of ideas, especially concerning UI of this feature. I hope the developers will pay attention to this issue and in the future when someone sees a beautiful fabric on the renders he will say "oh, probably it was rendered with Corona"


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