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The most wanted feature?

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--- Quote from: Ondra on 2022-08-05, 11:04:18 ---
When adopting, the second team has the benefit of seeing what worked out and what did not, and adjusting it accordingly.

--- End quote ---

I like this. I guess it makes sense for Corona implementation to often come second when youre looking for the streamlined approach then.

Just putting it out there...Its been seven years since the first post (that i can see) asking for the IR window size to be lockable. It was said at the time (2015) by Maru that it was already planned.
It irritates me and causes me to lose time on a daily basis waiting for a previously clean IR window to re-render itself after moving the window and having it undock itself and resize.

Can we PLEASE get this much needed feature in V9? At this point it has to be the most posted feature request on these forums.

Just a suggestion: use the in-viewport version of IR + 2D zoom/pan

Much better than dealing with a vfb.


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