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Can't save tone mapping

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Hello everyone,
I am facing a strange bug when I save the postproduction file (.conf)

In a nutshell: I save my post pro from the image editor with certain elements and tone mapping values,
however, when I try to load them in a new file, these elements are just the default ones.
This only happens for the tone mapping elements.

I didn't find any other topics in the forum, so maybe I'm the only one...

You're not alone

Although mine appeared to fix itself after a save and reopen

I think is a different problem...

Can you share a .conf, screengrab of the settings when the conf was saved, and the image you were processing, so we can try to follow your exact steps with the exact same materials here? You can use submit a request on and attach the files to the ticket (and include the link to this post in the ticket).

Hi Tom,
thanks for your reply.

Weirdly, after saving the .cxr file with the correct post from the image editor, all seem to work fine...

The problem seems to occur only when you first open a newly saved .cxr file from vfb.
Furthermore, I'm not sure if using the batch render tool could possibly affect the issue.

So at the moment, I'm unable to send you a "corrupted" .conf file.
Maybe don't close the topic, I'll keep you posted if I find something.


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