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Color Picker window issue

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In my work, I do not use the CMYK color space. I hide it as unnecessary and try to reduce the Color Picker window (1). But with each next opening of the Color Picker window, everything returns to its original appearance and size (2). Is there any way to save these parameters in the form I need?

I can confirm that is the same here. Corona 8 has introduced a bunch of UI problems in my opinion.
It would be great to have dialogs remember size, positions, and settings. There is a lot of clickign goign on atm
to have things the way you need them.

Can confirm this too. It's very annoying.


I'm also having problems with the color picker interface taking several seconds to open every time I need to adjust a color. It takes more than 4 seconds!!! It's too slow
Should I use a different thread for reporting this?


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