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Bump Amount for Physical Material


I'm struggling with the Bump amount for the new Physical Material, since there's no option for it. I'm trying to use the bump converter, but sometimes on images with the use of triplanar mapping and color correction, the bump result turns very different when adding the bump converter ... sometimes with artifacts. Would be very nice if there was an amount option for the Bump slot like the other slots.

ps! sorry added this in the wrong forum, was meant the (Max) Feature request - or as a general feature request

Hmm, unless i misunderstood your request, the bump strenght already has control in physical material.

Omg, I'm just so used to old habits, I didn't think of that. I always do it here (attachment)
My bad, delete post please :D

thank you!

No worries, physical material has quite different UI, which takes some time to get used to :]


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