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Max silently crashes



I was running latest Corona 7 hotfix1 on 3ds Max 2022 v24.0.0.923 (the latest 3ds Max 2022.3 was not installed yet at that time).
I did Customize > Custom Defaults Switcher > and I chose ame-light instead of DefaultUI Dark theme. But at the next start of 3ds Max, changes were not taken into account: it sticked to Dark theme.

After I've post my issue on the Area forum, I've been advised to uninstall Corona and to reinstall it, which I did. I also installed latest 3ds Max 2022.3 update (v24.3.0.3404).

Now I am able to switch from Dark theme to the light one without problem but, when I want to switch from the Defaut Workspace to something else (Design Standard for example), 3ds Max crashes again.

Are you aware of that problem, and do you plan to implement a fix for it?

Thank you,

Hi thanks for reporting this, we are aware of this issue and it's currently logged.

(Report ID=CRMAX-1134)


This is fixed in v8 RC2.

You can grab it here:




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