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Picture without denoising replaced by denoised picture in VFB when render starts



Some problem with rendered picture in VFB and denoising. If I have unticked option "Clear VFB inbetween renders", I'd like to see last rendered picture when render starts  and see changes there. There no problem with that if denoising is switched off, but if it's on, VFB shows last denpised picture each time render starts even if I rendered some pictures and canceled denoising.

Maybe it will be more clear if you reproduce this workflow:
Render picture and let Corona to denoise it. Change something and render region or full picture again, this time cancel render without denoising. Start render again -not denoised picture will be replaced by denoised picture which we rendered first. If you stop denoising in the middle of the process, picture which will replace rendered picture in VFB will be kind a bled of denoised and not denoised pictures

It is not convenient when I want to render some region of a big size picture and tweak for example color of some object there, denoising in that case could take pretty much time especially if lightmixer's layers should be denoised too, but it's important to see the progress of changes.

Confirmed. I think the main issue here is that the denoised and non-denoised images are two different things. One solution would be for render regions to make "holes" in the mask which is used for the denoised image.

Thanks Maru!

Just want to add some information here
The same happening with IR after you rendered picture using denoising. Like this:

You have denoised picture in VFB. Mark region and start IR, change something and you'll get updated region. After that move or create a new region and close first region, change something - the part of the picture where you have had first region replaced with denoised picture


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