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Hi folks,

We are looking for a full-time Middleweight artist to join our growing team of passionate, skilled artists in-house here in our London studio. Salary £35-45k/yr, full-time in-house position (this is not a remote work or freelance position).

If you have the right to work in the UK and solid middleweight industry experience (approx. 3+ years) working with 3ds max, Corona, Adobe suite, CAD, ideally a working knowledge of photography and real-time/Unreal experience is a significant advantage, please email with your portfolio/link and CV.


Anyone else suddenly seeing Fault Tolerant Heap issues?

Might have triggered since a windows update, or perhaps since we moved up to 2022/Corona 7.

Going through the usual helpdesk suggestions of excluding 3dsmax.exe from FHT list, but would be good to know if anyone else is having this issue suddenly.


Hi folks,

Is anyone else having issues deploying Deadline The 3ds max SMTD submitter is failing to send most but not all scenes, either via 2020 or 2022. Something about Python error, but not clear at all from the logs what's going on...

No joy on the Deadline forums yet, and there's currently no working version that supports 2022 we can roll back to! Seems like it's happening on the previous 16.9 version too:


Hi devs,

We've discovered that if you have a scene which runs across a huge area, e.g. a standard exterior scene in CM but you also have an object 500k units away from the camera/origin or so, then caustics seem to "bunch/pinch" into a single pole/singularity black hole of collapsed nothingness... they read/show clearly still but they concentrate themselves into an extreme pinchpoint. In addition it slows down caustics/rendering very significantly.

See example attachment. To make the effect more obvious I've turned on dispersion. The problem goes away as soon as you delete objects too far from the origin.

Lastly, an unrelated, have you guys planned/made a fix for caustics adaptivity causing NaN squares?


Hey devs,

We have discovered that the default 0.0 value of the Terminator Shading Fix is actually causing some shading issues to appear on dodgy geometry. Of course the underlying issue is the dodgy geometry, but interestingly setting the TSF to 1.0 (disabling it) removes all these shading artefacts. We are working with some insanely detailed geometry provided to us by clients that we cannot hope to clean up fully, so this "fix" reversal works really well. But of course it means that we then start to get the terminator bug elsewhere in scenes (typically strong sun hitting cushions etc.).

Uploading a max file to show this now using the private uploader - Geometry.max. To test it just stick the value up at 1.0.


Hi devs,

We are running into an issue with some of our 128-thread Threadrippers, where during Corona High Quality denoising it's pushing temps up above the safe threshold and shutting down the machines.

Running Corona v6 hf 1 - which version of AVX are you guys using currently? These machines are currently overclocked and tuned for avx2 - so if you're using anything else like AVX512 this might be why.

If you could ideally let me know asap as we're having a new machine built right now and they might be able to tune it differently for us.


Hi folks,

Anyone else having trouble getting the Deadline Assembly to work after a tile rendering is complete? All the tiles render fine but it will never assemble. This is using EXR.

"Error: Renderer returned non-zero error code, 1. Check the log for more information.
   at Deadline.Plugins.PluginWrapper.RenderTasks(Task task, String& outMessage, AbortLevel& abortLevel)"


"RuntimeError: exr_input_file Error: failed to open exr file filename.exr"

2021-02-07 08:34:29:  0: STDOUT: Final Image Dimensions = 17500x12016
2021-02-07 08:34:29:  0: STDOUT: TileCount given: 25
2021-02-07 08:34:29:  0: STDOUT: Tile0 position: 0, 9613
2021-02-07 08:34:29:  0: STDOUT: Tile0 dimension: 3500, 2403

Hey devs,

Maybe I can't find out the method if it does exist, but can the CoronaSelectMtl (or SelectMap...?) be hooked up/exposed to a Render Element somehow, so we can automate the rendering of variants of an object/collection of objects, each with a different Select ID?

Example: I have a client's designed tea pot with 5 diff colour options the client wants to see. I would like to add a render element (maybe a variant of the Beauty render element?) and tell it to use SelectID 1. Same again for ID2, same again for the rest etc.  Or something along these lines...


This is probably going to seem like 100% noob material to some of you, but maybe not everyone so if it helps someone then why not...

At some point there's a good chance that you've increased the max bitmap texture resolution in 3ds max > viewport > + button > Viewport Config > Display Performance up from the default. The default values are 1024 pixels for all 3 settings. Sometimes when you want to do a photomontage alignment to a super high res photo it's necessary to increase this, otherwise the photo/map will look very low-res and pixellated in the viewport, making it a pain to align to - or maybe you just want higher res textures to preview etc.

But beware! Setting these values to something other than 1024 or maybe 2048 will SERIOUSLY slow down your max file opening when opening scenes. We're talking going from just 10 seconds to open a scene up to 15 minutes! And that's when using seemingly modest values like 4096 or so... nothing you'd think would be too high... the reason for this is that you're allowing super high res maps to load for every single high-res map in your scene.. and this can quickly fill all your card's VRAM and cripple your system. You can of course set the viewport background/env map to something a little higher, but just be super careful not to overdo it on the main texture maps option - that's what can kill your scene loading times.

And btw this still applies even if you're using high end 2080ti cards with 8/12GB VRAM etc. (no idea on quadros, but probably the same).

Anyway... I'm sure most of you pros already knew this but there you go.

Hi guys,

I think it's a little strange to default the IR scaling factor to 2.0. Many of us are using HighDPI monitors so I get that IR is slower at 1.0, but 1.0 is essential for this otherwise IR is extremely blurry and images are saved at a different size than expected from the IR window. I would suggest to default it to 1.0 and then have users manually change it to 2.0 if they are finding IR to be too slow on HighDPI monitors.

Also, upgrading from v6 RC > v6 proper appears to reset whatever value you have back to 2.0.


Hi folks,

I think I read somewhere that during the RC process we could turn off adaptivity only for caustics in order to avoid black NAN squares, which we have been experiencing with RC2/3 etc. We've just upgraded to v6 proper - do we need to worry about these black NAN squares any more or is this something we sitll need to disable? I can't see any option for it in the developer tab.


Hi chaps,

Just found that using Gbuffer Material ID -1 (disabled) doesn't work - it still renders in c_mask element (monochrome) e.g when your element is set to only render ID 2 for example.


Hi guys,

Not sure if known, but coronabitmap doesn't show the map at all in the material preview if you're using anything other than map channel 1 - it just displays the diffuse colour. It works fine in max bitmap. Can this be looked into?


[Max] I need help! / 2.5D Displacement still producing holes
« on: 2019-11-07, 18:13:02 »
Hey guys,

You mentioned the other day that with 2.5d displacement you expect not to get any more holes that were previously generated when pushing the triangles apart from two surfaces. I've uploaded a very simple test scene 1573146645_displacement-troubles.max - can you take a look? Maybe we're doing something stupid. It's currently set up using a max tile map but same thing happens with a coronabitmap.


[Max] Feature Requests / VFB Markup Tool (AKA red pen)
« on: 2019-09-12, 12:46:42 »
Just had a thought, perhaps already suggested before by someone... how about a simple red pen markup tool within VFB/IR? Happens countless times - set off a render, spot something you need to change, then.. you have to make a note down somehow. Better if we could just scribble a circle around something, or draw lines or whatever. Just something you can turn on/off easily.

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