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Job contract & number of revsions?


hello -

i am about to take on work for a former employer - as a contractor. they are notorious for revisions til death.

so - couple of questions.

what is suggested for the number of revisions? i was thinking 1 round for model feedback (built from cad) and then

 2 rounds for materials and scene dressing.

charges for number of images?

does anyone have a 'contract' word document that i use and edit to fit my needs - or can suggest a template or elsewhere?

kind regards!

I think it depends on the initial price you charge, how many revisions this would allow.
I break down my pricing into 3 parts.

* “Building 3D model” from construction plans - 1 clay render / revision. Any structural changes, +50% of base price.
* “Staging / materials” - first preview,1revision, second preview included. Any additional revision +50% of “staging” base price.
* “Rendering” price. - incl. rendering, retouching, print and web file output. Any additional image, if no addl. modeling or staging is required will cost the “rendering” price.I let my clients know that I can offer “this great price” because I don’t factor in several revisions that are not needed if communication is clear from the start..
Also, if several revisions are “needed”, let your client know at each step how much the additional cost is. Money is the ONLY language clients understand.
Your situation is even better because you can address the “revisions til death” with them from the beginning.


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