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Hi everyone, since I switched to 3dsmax 2022 it generates a preview of the file instead of the usual icon, this is annoying for me, I have organized each file with its own preview and the double images mess everything up, you know if it is possible to disable this thing in files.max? thank you

Preferences > Files > Uncheck 'Save Viewport Thumbnail Image'

this will only affect the saved file, I was looking for a method that would eliminate the previews on all max files directly from windows.
It's equally useful for the files I'll be saving from now, thanks.

I see. There is a way but you won't like it - uninstall Max.
Seriously, it looks like the scene preview in icons is a registry flag. Even if you have multiple Max versions installed and uninstall one of them the scene preview is gone even though you still have other Max versions installed.
I guess this means that when uninstalling Max a registry flag is removed, but what it is and where to look for it - no idea. If you find out, let me know because I'm looking for a way to get them back without uninstalling and reinstalling Max.

thank you for reply, very interesting, I have to try.


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