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The Framotion accounts have been hacked!


Hello artists

Although the forum is not for these topics, but since we are part of the 3D world we have decided to share what happened in a short way.

As you know, Framotion is a new source that provides free simple tools and tutorials for beginner-intermediate Cinema 4D/3D artists, and we love that because we do believe it's hard to find certain things for free. So we went into a break between June and October 2021, we were preparing several tools, including Curvature Map (Shader Effect) 1.3 Cinema 4D and Curvature Map 1.1 for Corona Renderer, in addition to a new shader for both Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer, which is terrain shader 1.0. Plus some other tutorials, which take a huge effort and time to prepare. We were excited about all that stuff, you know.

In November, we tried to enter the Core4D/C4D Cafe site, which we used to upload tools to, but we were unable to enter, no problem, we can reset the password "we said to ourselves," and here we discovered that we lost the email associated with all of our accounts on most sites. Some of them were already deleted.

Anyway, this is what happened in a nutshell. We hope that we have provided useful things in the past 2 years, and we will certainly look for a safer working method than before and we will start again.

Greetings to all and hope to be back soon.

Wow that's crazy! I was just looking hunting for your earlier tutorial on terrain shader and noticed the video I'd watched before gone. If only I'd paid more attention and learned 100% it first time around. Will you be sharing it again? Or maybe I could ask for help directly?




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