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Gallery / Re: Whitehall
« on: 2024-03-26, 12:31:32 »
A set of images with a more commercial mood that I had created but then not shared!

Gallery / Nerd passion
« on: 2024-03-16, 00:46:02 »
Hi everybody!
A collection of works done following my passions during the always too short free time, together with a small tribute to the recently passed away master Akira Toriyama.

Cinema 4d and Corona

Gallery / Re: Building with a view
« on: 2024-03-01, 21:03:54 »
Thank you very much!! I also prefer them a lot, I find that for this particular building the color is more a distraction than a value.

Gallery / Building with a view
« on: 2024-03-01, 15:54:23 »
Hi all!
A small building with a few apartments and a beautiful view of the hills of Bologna (Italy)

Cinema 4D and Corona of course!

Gallery / Lugano's Penthouse
« on: 2023-12-17, 23:45:41 »
Hello everyone!
I hope you're all doing well!
I want to share with you a recent project carried out for a Swiss interior design studio, for this penthouse on the shores of Lake Lugano. We worked on the selection of furniture and finishes, and I was responsible for creating the renderings, of course.
I hope you like them!
Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Cinema 4D // Corona Renderer

Hi! I often find myself downloading objects, furnishings, or plants from the cosmos browser and then modifying and perfecting the existing materials. Is it possible to save these changes so that in future scenes, when reusing those same objects from the browser, I don’t have to fix the materials every time?

Gallery / Re: Whitehall
« on: 2023-10-16, 09:43:40 »
Love the first image! And great work in general ^)

Thank you Anna! I took a look at your works and... wow!! They are wonderful. There is a great attention to detail in telling stories through the images!

Gallery / Re: Whitehall
« on: 2023-10-12, 16:49:23 »
I really like the first image.
I also like the post-production effect, noise and abberations. Is that CameraRaw?

Hi Tonikey, thank you very much! Noise and aberration are the only additional touches done with Photoshop.

Gallery / Re: Whitehall
« on: 2023-10-12, 12:16:06 »
What scattering software did you use ?

Hi! Thanks for interesting in my work! I simply used chaos scatter for both trees and the lawn.

Could someone reply please?

Gallery / Whitehall
« on: 2023-10-06, 01:48:28 »
Hello everyone!
I hope you're all doing well!
I wanted to share with you a recent project for a rear extension of a house near London, designed by the RTA (Robert Turner Associates) studio, for which I had the pleasure of creating these visuals!
I hope you like them!
Comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Cinema 4D // Corona Renderer

Hi Bnji,
I know the post is very old, but I wanted to know if there have been any developments regarding this bug. As of today, it still seems to be present, and I can't figure out how to resolve it. Every time I need to set a background that should be reflected by the project's materials, the lighting is completely ruined by this issue

Hi there, are you able to send us your scene so we can check it?
Hi, yes of course. Please find attached it below.

Howdy! We are looking into options on how to improve this behavior and from my understanding it is mostly related to filtering. Quite a complicated topic.

For more consistent results (albeit with potentially longer render times) you should place your bump maps into Corona Bitmaps and set the interpolation method to "Bicubic (smoother)". Alternatively, if you prefer using C4D's bitmap shader you can also try tweaking its Blur Scale (by lowering it) or changing to a different sampling method. Do note that zero filtering typically isn't the smartest thing to do though.

Hi! I've tried using corona bitmaps but it doesn't seem to give any benefit as you can see from the images attached. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the advice, I tried this workaround but it is not working very well because the reflection of the plane/background the does not work.
It is the same effect i've achieved turning off the reflection visibility of the single light material of the background.

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