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[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Cannot import fabric from Chaos Cosmos
« on: 2022-10-06, 15:13:41 »
I tried importing a Chenille fabric and I get an error that I need Corona 9 or 10?

Windows 10
C4d 2023
Corona 9 RC1

With a pretty intensive scene made in older version and saved in C4d 2023, the render freezes when "Preparing Scene Data". When rendering the older scene in C4d R26.107 it also locks up on Preparing Scene Data.
Rolled back to previous Corona 9 Daily Build 2022-8-30 and it is now rendering fine in C4D R26.
Sorry I cannot upload the scene at the moment.

Windows 10 latest

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / .PSD Layer Sets Ver. 9 DailyApr 22
« on: 2022-04-23, 16:15:26 »
Thanks for the Quick update for C4D S26! I like to use Photoshop Image files for my materials to keep things tidy which precludes me from using Corona Bitmap. So the update to ver. 9 allowed me to move forward.

But when selecting the appropriate layer, the thumbnails of each layer do not display. Not a big deal, just forces me to do what I should be doing anyway (properly naming the layers).

Windows 10
C4d S26
Corona Ver 9 Daily Build Apr 21,2022

[C4D] I need help! / Decal on thick glass
« on: 2022-04-17, 19:04:37 »
Is it possible to use a Decal on glass with thickness (such as a bottle) without it being seen on the back polygons? Also, is it possible to to have a  back material to the Decal?
It all seems possible with a flat plane of glass but when the glass is curved so much that the Decal depth has to be increased enough to encapsulate the curve it also gets projected onto the back of the glass, and also using 2 different materials for the front and back projection no longer work correctly.
I've fiddled with different projections with the decal materials. Different glass materials. And different lighting. It would be so nice to get this to work instead of going back to the old method of splitting out polygons to make a label.

Does weird things when projected over a selection with different material applied.

Maybe a little flaky, and maybe not consistently reproducible. Right now I am working in Texture Mode and turning Tiling Off or On has no effect in Corona IR or scaling UVs for that matter. Must be stopped and restarted. I've noticed a few other glitchy things too, but cannot recall them exactly at the moment. I'll try to remember to log them when they occur.
Some might be me, as I am trying to learn how to use the new Physical Materials. Some times crashes C4D, sometimes Crashes my whole Machine. The new little help menus help a lot.

x axis offset is off by a little in the Interactive Viewport. Interactive Render and Render and basic Viewport all work as expected.

C4D S22
Corona 6.0 rc 1
Windows 10 Pro 2004 19041.388

Hardware / What's your favorite HID?
« on: 2020-05-09, 03:24:15 »
The third leg of our working world that gets mostly overlooked. Yes, that's right...what us in the Mac world would commonly refer to as a mouse, Microsoft's logic calls it your Human Input Device.

For a couple of years now I have been using a Bluetooth Logitech 720. It has 8  buttons that can be programmed to any application specific keyboard shortcut or gesture. Pan, orbit or zoom with 1 click, it worked flawless for me from day one until I got a new PC. Now it looks like I have to get a wired human input device of some sort since I cannot get this thing to work reliably more then about 24" away from my new PC. 14" it works fine but unfortunately I cannot train my left hand new tricks.

So it looks like I need to buy a wired mouse (and keyboard) and take a course in anger management. I have spent hours upon hours installing and uninstalling drivers and deep diving into the underbelly of microsoft only to have the football yanked away just when I think I've got it.

Or, a second option, I still have a week or so that I could return the motherboard (Gigabyte AMD TRX40 Pro) and get something else that does have reliable Bluetooth. But I really think it's Windows not hardware. I've tried the usb dongle too and it was worse then built-in bluetooth.

How do I set up the Shadow Catcher material environment when using the new Corona Sky HDRI slot?

I need to make a bottle label with rounded corners. Label on front, solid on back. I don't know what I am missing.

I need this with white on the back. If I select front and back normals for a material the opacity works fine but I get the same material on front and back. If I use 2 separate materials for front and the back respectively, the opacity only works in one direction.

I've tried applying label to polys on the bottle like I usually do, or seperated polys from the bottle, and also adding some thickness, and using a layered material.

I get a preview image showing in the project manager but when I drop the object into my C4D content browser I just get a blank preview/thumbnail. Any Corona materials I save in my materials library content browser show the thumbnail just fine, its just object that I made with Corona materials applied that I would like to save to quickly reuse later. It is hard to differentiate Book_1 from Book_25 without a visual ref.
I sure hope it is possible or at least on the roadmap.

Need to make an infinite white studio surface.


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