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Gallery / Re: Flora
« on: 2023-03-18, 02:06:28 »
Hi, marchik. really beautiful work :)
May i ask you if you are selling well on 3dsky? I'm also thinking about doing some models to sell
Hi!, thanks! I personally do not pay due attention to this, but I have colleagues who have a good passive income, the main thing is to do this systematically, to follow trends and upload models regularly

Gallery / Re: Flora
« on: 2023-03-17, 00:27:14 »
For this project, a model of the Oriente B chandelier by Dimoremilano was made, now its available on the

Gallery / Re: Flora
« on: 2023-03-13, 16:27:35 »
As an aside, I embedded a regular YT video and it refused to appear for a while then finally loads. Could be the same thing was happening to you (or it could be shorts can't be embedded, not sure).
I will try again, but yeah, most likely the forum engine doesn't understand "shorts", but I definitely don't understand why the video from vimeo doesn't play, it's a completely normal link, like any other video.

I hate vertical video and YT shorts in particular, but i watched your time-lapse at least 20 times - the amount of little details you put there is just mesmerizing!!

Thank you romullus, very pleased to hear. In fact, I rendered this throughout the working week, filling every following frame with all sorts of small details.

Gallery / Re: Flora
« on: 2023-03-09, 17:47:38 »
for some reason I can't embed a player from YouTube or Vimeo here, maybe the moderators will help me :D I think it's because of "shorts" format

Gallery / Flora
« on: 2023-03-09, 17:30:15 »

Spare time project in a collab with vis.juju built around a beautiful chandelier by Dimoremilano.

In a time-lapse (check the last attachment), we decided to experiment with the format of interior renders, recreating a full day from breakfast to evening dinner around the dining area in the kitchen.
Rendering done entirely in Сorona Renderer. I did not use pre-configured animation or scene states, I set each frame as for a stop-motion animation manually, changed the exposure settings a little and rendered right away.

For still renders, we decided to deviate a little from the commercial lighting scheme and tried to convey a tangible "filmic" atmosphere.

Thanks for watching!

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New Corona Lister Feedback
« on: 2023-03-05, 04:54:20 »
is it possible to add a separate render resolution setting for each camera

Сursor still doesn't change its shape when using region rendering in VFB, but it works better

in the last daily build I encountered a "stable" crash of the scene, unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to pack the scene now, a lot of work, but I will describe at least in words, better than nothing:

It was the big plane with 1 polygon (i tried a plane with a shell modifier also) with CoronaDisplacementMod (tried Displace slot in mtl also) with PhoenixFDOceanTex in vector mode plugged through Vector Displacement Map
It was basic CoronaPhysicalMtl water shader with roughness 0.01 and enabled Volumetric scattering (grey color + ~40cm distance)
Scene crash occurs every time I start rendering (interactive or production) while enabling Scattering color different from black, without scattering - everything works just fine.
In 9.1 everything works as expected.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2023-02-17, 00:38:23 »
Guys, I've just realized that you can avoid this annoying "clouds(hdri)+volume haze horizon rectangle bug" just by adding refractive surface, for some reason this rectangle is just not visible through refraction, so I come up with creating a huge non-reflective glass plane (see the attachment). I don't know for what reason do you need this :D but maybe devs could implement this fake solution (checkbox "create huge glass plane on the horizon line) until they come up with something better.

Just caught 3ds max freezing when changing the focal lens setting in a new lister, during an interactive render.
And in general, the behavior of spinners is very strange, if I hold down the left mouse button, move it down for example to decrease the value and keep the key pressed, then the values continue to change even when I do not move the mouse, this is very annoying.

PS it would be nice to have an ISO setting in the lister to control photo exposure without affecting F-stop and shutter speed, which can affect the look of the picture

In the latest daily builds, I noticed a bug with region borders in VFB.

The cursor does not turn into arrows when approaching the region borders and does not allow you to change its size normally, creating a new region occurs without problems, problem noticeable only with editing the old one.
in the 9th stable release everything is fine
i use 4k 16:9 monitor, scaling in windows is 125%
image upscaling factor for interactive rendering is 1x or 2x, this does not change the behavior of the bug.

For some reason all of the 3 latest daily builds give me this error on the converter start

the error appears when starting any of the "new" versions of the converter, I checked starting from 2.04
"old" 1.46 version runs without problems

I have 2 versions of 3ds max installed on my machine 2022.3 and 2023.2, Corona is in each

I've tried
  • reinstalling Corona in different configs multiple times
  • deleting the ENU folder
  • deleting CoronaConverter.ini
  • increasing initial heap allocation

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-09-03, 15:06:08 »

My 2 cents:
 Aside from obvious cases like a rug or grass or simliar we used this feature to add any type of larger more widespread detail to geometry we patterned. Dirt, color gradiation, variation, atc...
Yep, exactly, I just wanted to pick up some more obvious option :D

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-09-03, 07:53:15 »
it's nice that we have an option to choose UVWs between pattern and base objects, but sometimes (quite often) i want to have both. Maybe good solution would be to have dedicated surface map, like Chaos Scatter has, which would let to get base object's colours without sacrificing pattern object's UVs. In fact both, the Scatter and The Pattern could share the same map
just once again faced with such a need, after all, when you make carpets or fabric, it is very important to be able to impose, say, a print on top of the finished product, while maintaining the texture coordinates for individual fibers on the pattern itself
so +1 for this feature
@Marchik + @Romullus + anyone else who would like this - Could you please describe the exact use case for this? I think we do understand what is being requested, but we do not understand why.

Obviously this will be necessary when modeling a carpet with sufficient details, we need to store the UVs for the pattern object to simulate for example fibers using normal maps and so on. (As far as I know from my experience, even the correct display of fibers in the CoronaHairMtl material depends on the direction of the UVs)
In turn, to simulate a pattern on a carpet, we need the UV coordinates of the base object, so we need both of the UV coordinates.

similarly applicable to other fabrics with a color pattern

Randomization per pattern node in Multimap and UVW Randomize
@Marchik + anyone who finds this useful - can you explain in what exact scenario you would use this?
Let's say that we are making a pattern (repeating some geometry tile). If we use the Multimap or UVW Randomizer, this will affect each tile creating visible color/texturing differences between each tile. How is this useful? (in what practical cases) Otherwise, we can use the Mesh Element randomization to have a different color of each tile part (e.g. one carpet strand in case of scattering a tile consisting of many strands).
yes, we also found out above that the mesh element mode works fine, I made a request while I still thought that it would not work at all. So I apologize and withdraw the request, a separate pattern randomization method can be useful for complex tiling, but these are too rare cases to waste resources on it

Scaling Corona Pattern tiles individually so that they could overlap with each other / Offset and scaling randomization in CPattern
We believe his is a better job for Scatter. If you have some specific example where you would like to use this with CPattern, please share it here.

And this is the most wanted feature for me, I don’t touch on randomization (I can do without it), but overlapping would add a huge number of use cases for CPattern in general.
But I really don't know what else to add about this, (in that post above I recorded a detailed video why this would be useful).

This has nothing to do with the scatter as the scatter cannot bend individual parts of the pattern along a curved surface.

I mainly use CPattern for patterns that have an organic shape, such as weaving fabrics, patterns include sticking out and intersecting fibers and in general - weaving does not always have a square structure, so it is convenient to seamlessly tile it. The time to prepare the perfect pattern that can be used for close-ups (with the current method of perfectly square cutting when tiling) sometimes exceeds what I would need to weave the final product in its entirety (only strong hardware resource savings remains from the benefits)

I don’t know if I explained clearly, but I really hope that you will listen to the last point, it could save me a lot of time, thanks in advance))

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2022-08-20, 19:51:03 »
By the way, did I understand correctly that cirrus clouds cannot be randomized?

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