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Have you seen this?

Lightfields are almost there!

Imagine rendering some views of a scene and then be able to visit it in VR? Futur is exciting!

paper :

edit : paper link

The title says it all, coming from that thread:

I am of opinion that Corona should go full way and allow EV modification even in full settings, so that is it absolutely identical to how digital cameras work. You set your settings (f-stop, shutter, iso..) and still have option to use EV as offset.
I'll make that a request when I'll remember.

Stumbled upon this article:

It allows to tile stochastic or near stochastic textures with no visible repetition. Would be insanely useful to have such a tool in Corona. Especially for large surface areas, such as road, concrete walls etc...

Here is the full paper:

[Max] Feature Requests / Cloth BRDF
« on: 2019-01-20, 02:27:09 »
Cheers guys!

Recently stumbled upon those papers :

I was mindblown by the level of realism these guys succeed to achieve with a full procedural model. I have to admit that looks pretty complex, but damn that's beautiful! Memory wise, the RAM usage presented in the last paper is not that big considering the complexity of the model. Rendertimes seems to be consequent at first but the hardware they are running is pretty old (from 2010).

Basically, they are building yarn patterns (woven or knitted) from which they generate fibers. So no need to cheat the scattering effect with fresnel curves or sheen anymore! I know you guys are busy right now and V4 will be insane but it would be good to consider a good cloth BRDF at some point ;)

Gallery / After the storm
« on: 2018-03-15, 22:33:58 »
Here is a quick snapshot of a personal project I'm working on, 100% frame buffer. C&C are welcome.

[Max] I need help! / Global volume max distance
« on: 2018-03-14, 10:31:50 »
Hey guys,

I'm working on a very large scale scene and I'm using global volume material. It seems to stop before the boundary of my scene (see attached image).

So I assume there is a max distance set somewhere. Is there a way to increase that value?

Hi guys,

I'm actually encountering some performance issues on the project I'm working on.

I'm working on a small animation and I've noticed some weird render times. Corona 1.7.2 - Max 2018

The animation is rendered on two PCs :

Main workstation : dual xeon 2696v4 44cores/88threads @ 2.2GHz - turbo : 2.8GHz - 64GB RAM - corona benchmark 1.3 : 36sec.
Slave : dual xeon 2683v3 28cores/56threads @ 2.0GHz - turbo : 2.5GHz - 64GB RAM - corona benchmark 1.3 : 57sec.

While rendering (submitted to deadline), I've noticed that render times on my workstation were equal or slower than the slave, which shouldn't as the workstation is way more powerful :
(CCO: workstation / vizDR : Slave)

So I opened the scene on both computers and made some renders, here are the results :

workstation :


I created a fresh new scene with a subdivided plane, some random extrudes, and basic material with bump and sss and I got the expected rendertimes  :
workstation :

slave :

So it seems to be scene related but I don't manage to find what is wrong, any hint on what is going on ?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Alpha channel, refract and opacity
« on: 2017-09-03, 17:49:03 »
It looks like there is an issue with the alpha channel when opacity mapped objects are located behind another object with refraction. Part of the sky appears in leaves opacity. Here is the scene setup :

corona env -> corona sky
direct visibility -> black

As you can see in the attached images, the behavior is correct above the glass but it's not when the refraction is involved. Pretty annoying when trying to composite a sky in post.

edit : corona 1.6.2

[Max] I need help! / Corona settings for animation
« on: 2017-08-09, 10:44:27 »
Since I use corona, i've done interior renders only. I'm starting my first animation, mostly exterior shots. I have taken for granted the use of PT+PT for exteriors and PT+UHD for interiors. But after some tests, i didn't manage to find any case where PT+PT is faster than PT+UHD, even for exteriors (corona 1.6.2). In fact, PT+UHD is tremendously faster (5min vs 20min in my case).

I want to make some greenery animation. Does it suit well with PT+UHD (UHD cache rendered every frame) ? Can't do much test atm (single workstation), i will use an external renderfarm. So if anyone has experience with PT+UHD and moving objects, your feedback could help me a lot.

Hardware / E5 V3 Bios mod
« on: 2017-07-18, 09:52:11 »
Does anyone tried the E5 V3 Bios MOD to enable Max turbo on all cores ? I'm quite interested to do that on my dual 2683 v3 setup but i just want to be sure that it's pretty safe.

edit -> explanations here :

General CG Discussion / New blender "Uber" shader
« on: 2017-07-11, 15:22:00 »
Check that out, blender now contains the whole new principled "uber" shader, inspired by Disney's papers. There is still some refinments to do but it is pretty awesome !

About this Forum / Daily Builds 1.7 thread locked
« on: 2017-07-07, 14:25:27 »
Can't post on Daily Builds 1.7 thread. Is this meant to be like this or is this a mistake ?

Gallery / Interior CGI
« on: 2017-07-06, 11:08:36 »
Hey guys,

Here are some tests with random assets grabed here and there. I've remade almost all the shaders to suit my needs. lighting is HDRI only. Toned with dubcat's photographic LUT and minor adjustments in PS.
C&C are welcome.

I've just noticed that the zoom level in the VFB drastically affect rendering performance. When i look my render at 1:1, I get about 6 800 000 rays/s and when I set the zoom level to 1:32, I get about 7 800 000 rays/s which is a hudge gap imho. Does anybody else noticed that ? I have not tested that behavior on other scene but if it does behave like that on every renders, don't forget to zoom all the way out when you're rendering.

[Max] I need help! / Questions regarding corona portals
« on: 2017-05-09, 11:16:59 »
I have a few questions regarding portals :

1_ Do they strictly have to be planes or could they be custom geometry ? (example : corner windows -> corner portal or set of two planes ?)

2_ Does normals orientation matter ?

2B_ If normals orientation does not matter, admitting i have one interior shot with portals and one exterior shot. When it comes to render the exterior shot, I guess I have to hide portals as the renderer do not know that the portals are aiming to help the sampling for the interior only. Am I right ?

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