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At least I am not the only one suffering from this 😁
I can't make Player work though, very strange. I guess I will figure it out somehow.
If I found some free time I will sent a file or two.


Hi Christos, yes unfortunately there are some ongoing issues that we are investigating with the substance team, should you find the time to submit your files please kindly notify us here or in the thread linked above. Thank you!

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: CoronaSelect + CoronaSky
« on: 2023-01-27, 09:20:01 »
Hi, I think there is problem when using multiple CoronaSky maps in CoronaSelect map.
Clouds look as expected in render background but shadows from clouds behave wrong.
It seems to me that CoronaSky in 0 slot of CoronaSelect map controls clouds amount in all other slots, or something like that.
Same problem happens in corona 9 and latest corona daily build, max 2023.

Simple max scene attached, try changing clouds amount in map0 while map3 is selected as active.

Thanks for reporting this, I can confirm there is something wrong, reporting it for further investigation.

(Internal ID=1044190623)

[Max] I need help! / Re: stting exposure during animation
« on: 2023-01-27, 08:37:13 »
I make an animation, a simple traveling on a scene that will go from day to night, with lighting and fire (Phoenix) that lights up as it goes.
I have a problem with the exposure setting.
I am looking to modify the exposure parameters during the animation, as in the interactive Rendering "Simple Exposure", from -1 during the day to 2 at night.
I can't find an exposure modification parameter in the Command Panel
In the CoronaCamera there is no more EV parameter in version 9
Does anyone have a solution? thank you in advance.

You can either work with Photographic Exposure being enabled in your VFB Tone Mapping parameters and simply animate your camera ISO values, or in the Tone Mapping rollout of your Camera modify panel enable the Override (make sure autokey is disabled since you can also animate its activation), press the Edit button and from the Corona Tone Mapping window you can animate any of the operator parameters, I hope this helps!

General:(Internal ID=1041783955)

I tried Substance plugin in 3ds Max 2023.1 - it renders fine in regular render, but crashes instantly in interactive.

Hi, would it be possible to send us a repro-scene for that? There are a number of issues at the moment that we are bringing to the attention of the Adobe/Substance team. Thanks!

Sorry, i don't have a scene to share, since i never use substance in Max scenes. I tried it briefly, found that it's too slow, unreliable and overall buggy and simply gave up my hopes on using it. However i tried it once more today and while it doesn't crash instantly in Max 2023.2.2 and Corona 9 HF1, i still managed to crash it pretty quickly just by plugging/unplugging maps in material editor while IR was running. And there are loads of other issues, like freezing IR that doesn't even react to restart command, unable to load another sbsar file in the substance 2 node after it has one already loaded. And on top of that the IR is extremely slow, even in most basic teapot scene. In my experience it's completely unusable, i just bake the maps if needed and give up on procedural workflow.

Thanks for clarifying, ok I will investigate the IR issues and the input plugging/unplugging.

Hi, do you know if there is any way to use Substance with max 2022 and Corona 9?

thank you

You should be able to use them together however you might encounter multiple issues depending on how .sbsar output was made, some old files would work fine when using the substance to corona conversion from the 3dsMax substance plugin, others would present issues with render and material previews or outright cause crashing. For the time being I would suggest you manually import any substance output files using the Substance2 map within the material editor of 3dsMax, if you encounter any issues, you can always breakdown your output to different input/data maps.

Please note that all known issues are being actively discussed with the Adobe/Substance team so I believe they will be addressed as soon as possible. Please stay posted.

I tried Substance plugin in 3ds Max 2023.1 - it renders fine in regular render, but crashes instantly in interactive.

Hi, would it be possible to send us a repro-scene for that? There are a number of issues at the moment that we are bringing to the attention of the Adobe/Substance team. Thanks!

Hi, increasing strength for CoronaBumpConverter should fix the issue with RWS, however I am not sure if this expected so please stay posted until we get some further clarification from the team.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Corona mask element reset issue
« on: 2022-11-22, 11:32:00 »
Have to bring up this bug again. Seems to be a recurring issue with animating. I never touch the CMasking_Mask render element once I start animating, but it seems to reset and turn off the RGB so no masks render and puts animated red [] around all the spinners. I have to delete the element and start over since I can't modify it (it's greyed out -- see above old bug report). Been happening for years.

Maybe it's related to Deadline? I can't isolate it, but maybe it's because of submitting jobs.

Hi, is it possible to share a reproduction scene with us?
Please feel free to remove the majority of the scene assets, just keep the render elements and the reported issue. An archive of the repro-scene would work just fine, to upload please use:

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Crash with OSL wParallax
« on: 2022-11-18, 09:21:02 »
ive also been having some issues with this i suspect, but seemingly only on my computer in the office. opening many scenes with wParallax the first render renders fine, then if i stop and start a render it crashes 90% of the times if it contains wParallax planes. If i hide the wParallax in the scene it seems to work fine.
Not sure but i think its happening if i have the wParallax material in my material editor visible.

Hi I have tried to reproduce the crash but was unsuccessful, would it be possible to share an archived scene with us that the issue is reproducible? Ideally use: as suggested above. Thanks!

After further investigation it seems that this is a 3dsMax issue and not exclusive to any renderer. We will be notifying Autodesk regarding this and hopefully it can be addressed.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Tone mapping curves are SLOW
« on: 2022-10-26, 15:25:46 »
Hi, can you please clarify if this happens in any scene, f.e. if you try and use the curves in a relatively empty scene do you still get the UI lag?
Is it possible to share a brief video capture of the issue when you are working with it?

Just an update and a great thanks to Romullus, his scene helped identify the issue right away. It seems like there is a bug with opacity input + transparency visualization for 3dsmax viewport in Standard and DX quality. 

Switching to High-quality viewport should address the issue, as well as disabling transparency from viewport quality (top left corner) Standard > Materials > (untick) transparency, at least until we fix the issue. Please let me know if that worked for you or if there is an additional variable.

Reported: (internal id=987877802)

Here's the screenshots of two models with the issue. One of them has Corona physical materials, the other one has glTF material (it was displaying fine with Max physical material, but become inverted upon conversion to glTF with Max's scene converter). Notice how the model with Corona materials (the truck) is actually displaying fine in one of the viewports, while it's inverted in others even though all the viewports share identical settings as far as i can tell.

I can share both models, but i don't want to bother with opening the support ticket. Would it be ok if i do this through skype, George?

edit: i'm using 3ds Max 2023.2.2 and Corona 9 final.

Thanks Romullus! Please do do share in Skype I will look into it asap.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Merge>render settings bug!
« on: 2022-10-26, 11:35:31 »
reset 3dsmax vfb can be Merge once.
The second merger vfb is incorrect.
Do you have the Maxscript of the vfb load Postprocess.conf file?

Hi can you please clarify if IR is active/running while merging takes place? Also which 3dsMax version you are working on? Thanks!

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