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I think you will like this script (Pick Offset points feature )

Do you remember where exactly did you see that statement? It sounds pretty worrying TBH.
it is under this video, I'm not sure if it is possible to add a link for a specific comment so I'm attaching a screenshot for it  :

The whole Corona/Vray interoperability didn't move anywhere past the first basic material/lights, I don't know what stopped the process.
I've noticed this too! it is nowhere where you would expect it to be after all these years.
I read this official comment on the Chaos youtube channel recently:
"Corona Renderer will be rebranded and part of the Chaos ecosystem. The future versions of Corona are still in development, so look forward to good news in the future."
Not sure how much that will affect the overall interoperability tho.

Supporting VRScans

This is probably dead.. it's been 3 or 4 years. I wonder if the project isn't dead for Vray as well..

:- /
They are adding to it slowly yes, but it's not dead yet.
They have just recently(2-3 weeks ago) added  120 new scans from Foglizzo - after a year of silence to be fair :-) -
The library doesn't cover Archviz every day needs yet, but for automotive and products it's great.
Also one important thing is that, vrscans isn't just the public  library that everyone can download , they also provide scaning service too which is great for materials with complex reflection, holographic surfaces and  where bidirectional texture function is needed.
I know It's not critical feature for everyone, but it would be nice to have.

Personally, I prefer that Corona developers focus on the main basic features that are missing before jumping to those fancy stuff.
what I mean is that with - enough -money  I can get any 3d model I want and I can render online on any render farm, but if a very crucial feature in the renderer is missing  I can't do anything about it.
Proper PBR workflow, Better tone mapping, Deep EXR , Corona Clipper, Crypttomatte, Supporting VRScans, and many many more features are much more important IMO s than few 3d models and another option for online rendering.
Corona team is doing great with catching up with all these missing features ( just look at the V6.0 release for example ).so I prefer they continue spending their resources on this.
Remember that Vray came to this after many years of development while Corona is still -relatively -young and needs to fill the missing gap before jumping to those additional things.
just my 2 cents.

Thanks, the Vray isn't really a workaround as we don't use it.
it is not the best solution, but it is free to use ( you don't even need a license to use the convertor )
Also without installing VRay, I don't think Corona Converter can convert VRay materials, so for me it is a must-have, but of course your pipeline might be different.


We are planning to add this functionality to the CoronaConverter. However, I can't give a timescale on when it will happen.



(Internal ID=484645635)

That's great to hear, Thanks!

You could also use VRay scene converter ( you will need Vray 5+) to convert those to Vraymtl then use Corona convertor to bring it to Corona .
it would be nice to do that directly with Corona convertor tho.

Gallery / Re: Nuñez Balboa
« on: 2020-10-25, 02:37:06 »
Great job as always
I really like the mood in is one. it is not so over-bright like the usual work that we see/do for clients yet it is very well balanced.
would you mind sharing where did you get the floor texture from?  I bought recently a few from Megascans and but the quality of the one you have seems superior.
Thanks in advance.

if Anyone is interested Renderstacks is officially released
The free demo is full functional for non-commercial work .
here is the tool in action too.

I've been testing this plugin during the beta for awhile and I must say it is amazing ! .
it is kinda like 3ds max State sets, expect it works : )) with many additional features of course .

There is no official info yet about the price, but according to the developer there would be an option for both  perpetual and  subscription license. 
Check the link below for more info
and here is a sneak peak video to see it in action

Gallery / Re: House in Cabanyal
« on: 2020-05-04, 04:52:16 »
the lighting is spot on as usual
I like the colors too and how everything is well balanced .
The initial idea was to make the entire house but the arrival of new work and a little bit of loss in motivation have made me decide to finish it sooner
I know that feeling , I have few( or many :)  )  projects suspended because of that .
you did great job here .

[Max] I need help! / Re: Overide Material shortcut
« on: 2020-03-16, 21:46:54 »
it's tricky to do but David from DPict  wrote a script for that years back for V-Ray .
So I did use the same workaround and wrote this one that works with Corona .
run the script then add shortcut/button to it ,you can find it under dPict Tools category.

Code: [Select]
macroScript AddToOverrideExclCorona
category:"dPict Tools"
tooltip:"Add to Override Exclude List Corona "

--cleanup existing exclusion list for undefined
for i = newExclList.count to 1 by -1 do
if newExclList[i] ==undefined then
deleteItem newExclList i
if selection.count>0 then
For o in selection where superClassOf o == geometryClass do
if (findItem newExclList o)==0 then
append newExclList o

vr.overrideMtl_exclude= newExclList
messageBox "Nothing Selected"

Download the free version of Deadline (up to 2 PCs iirc)
Then you can send the job for rendering and keep working on the file.
I recal it can show the rendering frane buffer too-  in Vray- but not sure about Corona tho.

Gallery / Re: Goerlich Apartment
« on: 2020-02-04, 22:44:44 »
Very nice work here !
I loved the mood here and the colors

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: cjwidd render thread
« on: 2019-09-28, 04:37:12 »
Thanks mate, and just to clarify, the gold bricks were created using Quixel Mixer!
aha okay  , it looks great anyway! = D
keep em coming

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