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corona 7 where is to install


Philip kelly:
I broke the rule and used the daily build and complete ruined a deadline.

Where is 7.please,.

I installed 6.3 and it has wiped all the textures, so Any help would be gre=ateful.

Philip kelly:
I just found it .
Lesson learnt today.
I was tearing my hair out all day , client waiting on images and constant crashes all day.
Materials geometry all problems..........

The current stable release can always be downloaded at
And the daily builds here:

Other than that, I am really sorry to hear about your issues, but that's the risk of using daily builds in production. Nonetheless, if you are able to reproduce some issues after switching from V6 to V7 dailies, we are extremely interested in looking into this, as this is something that should not be happening.

Philip kelly:

Thank you.
I got the work done and issued thank you.
Yes completely my own doing.
The files were very big, revit links into max and then bound, converted and retextured.
The Building files were 490mb and the landscape file we 200mb all in 8 FP , and 5 RC.
Lots of cars and trees.
There was no issue with the file, until I installed the daily build, the other night then I went to render and crashes started.
I stripped the model out, all day materials, I think in the end was the issue.
I used the one material in the render setting over ride materials and it rendered.
When I put on a Brushed Aluminium from the Corona Mat collection on the Stacks (tall flues) , it crashed.

I will try and sent the files alter today if I can.

But all good now, lesson learnt.

Just FYI, in last daily build (released this Monday) we added a warning that you're overwriting a scene that was previously saved in stable version with daily build. To prevent exactly this case of problems from happening.


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