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Clouds playground!

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Did you try to activate geometry in Corona camera's motion blur rollout?

Hi romullus

Yes I have tried with geometry enabled on the camera and both camera and object at the same time etc.

Another question can you have light shafts through the gaps in the clouds or is this just a 2D map ?

Motion blur is not possible with clouds at the moment, either for their movement of for camera translations - as you note the only thing that will generate blur is if the camera is rotating. From my personal testing, light rays through the clouds do not work (that is, volumetrics). Hope this helps and is not too disappointing!

Hi Tom

Thanks again for your reply's and taking the time. I did test light rays with a volumetric material in the global volume material slot. I was hoping that since the clouds are able to cast shadows that this would enable a light shaft effect. Not gonna lie Clouds being a major feature of the corona 9 release this seems like a missed opportunity even if it is faked in some way for render speed. It would have given some really creative tools for archviz that have been missing. I will test it with scattered VDB's see what I can come up with I know Terragen creates lush VDB clouds that can be exported. I have attached some real photo samples for future reference. 


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