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Clouds playground!

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--- Quote from: John.McWaters on 2022-11-02, 14:33:16 ---Is the 'apply shadows from clouds' checkbox located in the Corona Sky component?

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It's in the sun object's parameters.

We continue to love the clouds.  However we're working on an island project right now where it's typical to see distant clouds on the horizon (pink at sunset, etc) but NO clouds above you.  It's just a certain 'look' we're after.  Is that possible with the corona sky clouds?  I've modified the seed endlessly, and dropped the height limit to as low as I can but just can't quite seem to create a 'horizon bias.'



--- Quote from: romullus on 2022-10-01, 00:22:00 ---Also feature request - i would love to have an option for partial cloud coverage. No need for something fancy like painting maps for explicit control, a simple spinner "horizon bias" would be already great - quite often IRL you can see beautiful clouds over horizon, while sky overhead is completely clear, it would be nice to be able to replicate this in Corona.

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Romullus mentioned this before and I'd like to add a +1 for this.

So I have a question about motion blur with the clouds I can get motion blur if I animate the camera and just rotate it. But if I animate the clouds with Offset x say around 1000m and use a long shutter speed I get no motion blur with the clouds. I am trying to shoot like I would do with landscape photography. Any ideas ?

As you can see the render is motion blur of the camera rotating with clouds and a reflective ground plane. But I would like to use a longer shutter speed to create cloud motion blur like you would in real world photography. After testing, is this a missing feature ? I have attached a real photo to show what it needs to be doing so the rest of the scene can remain static and unaffected.


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