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That described what was happening at the time of the Corona 8 release of course, when there were changes happening too. Your subscription did continue with no changes then, just as it said in that blog.

Yes. It did continue without changes, until now. Suddenly Chaos informs me the licence type has changed and I'm on a Premium one now. All this happening without any action from my side.

Correct, as with the release of Corona 9 the licensing of Corona has changed - the old licensing no longer exists, so everyone is moved onto one of the new licensing structures (Premium to start with, for the remainder of their subscription until the next renewal, when they can choose to stay on Premium or move to Solo, and choose whether to swap from Monthly to Annual).

EDIT - because you have to be on one of the new licensing forms, else you would no longer have Corona.

I am Corona user from 2017, 1 workstation + 3 node 30,xx euros per months vat included, untill now.

Next billing date
November 30, 2022
Next billing amount
EUR 73.08 ·VAT included

An increase greater than 100%.

Not acceptable from my point of view.

Annual will offer you better pricing, not that different from your current rate, and you can make the switch without losing the free render nodes (simply contact us at and we can make that change to annual for you).


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