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*You can always get the newest build at the usual location [link]*

EDIT: We now distribute the daily builds through gdrive, the folders can be found here Daily Builds!

Note: all changes in this build will be released in a v7 hotfix, so this is more of a hotfix preview than actual v8 daily build.

* General
* Fixed occasional crash when light intersects with other geometry
* Fixed crashes caused by Wind Binding modifier
* Fixed display/input/output gamma values not being properly rounded to 2 decimal places when being written to max log file
* Added proper error message when trying to use a UHD cache file generated from an older Corona version (note that this scenario is not supported and a new UHD file will be generated)
* CoronaDisplacementMod - fixed the “displacement quality” and “subdivision quality” radio buttons being treated as a single group (i.e. only one of the 4 could be selected at any given time)
* CoronaPhysicalMtl - Fixed incorrect TAB order in advanced rollout
* Warning message about VRayHDRI/VRayBitmap now correctly uses either name according to the currently installed version of V-Ray (the VRayHDRI map has been renamed to VRayBitmap in latest V-Ray version)
* CoronaNormal - fixed the text “Add gamma to input” text being clipped a bit from the right
* CoronaSky - fixed the model tooltip incorrectly stating that the PRG Clear Sky model does not support turbidity
* CoronaRoundEdges  - Added tooltip for the samples parameter

Note: all changes in this build will be released in a v7 hotfix, so this is more of a hotfix preview than actual v8 daily build.

* General
* Fixed crashes with ForestPack 5
* Fixed some DLLs not being properly removed when uninstalling v7 that was previously installed over an older version
* Fixed Corona Converter not working properly with V-Ray version 3 installed
* Fixed Corona Converter firing asserts when converting V-Ray materials
* Fixed -h and --help parameters not working when running the installer from the command line
* Fixed displacement modifier ignoring the global displacement switch


* New
* PhysicalMtl - added tail parameter, controlling the strength of reflection outside of the reflection peak

* The image comparison below shows the difference between using Roughness and using Tail to adjust reflections - visually, with Roughness, the entire reflection becomes blurred, while with Tail there is less blurring of the overall reflections while highlights remain affected.
For this example, the Roughness was set to 0.16 in that example (with a Tail of 0), and a Tail of 0.87 in that example (with Roughness 0). For comparison, here is the render with neither Roughness nor Tail used:

* Added new randomization mode to UVW randomizer and Multimap - polygons. These separate the mesh into individual polygons based on visible edges.
* Note that this changes seed of UVW randomizer/Multimap mesh element mode.
* CoronaBitmap has new option to control environment map rotation (and potential dome mapping origin) with any picked scene node
* CoronaBitmap now supports loading .tx files
* Note that this we currently ignore the mipmap levels stored in the .tx file
* EDIT Also note that it is currently not displayed in the file open dialog as a supported type, this is due to us using the 3ds Max file open dialog.
Currently you are unable to load .tx files through this dialog due to a 3ds Max limitation, you will need to drag and drop the image into an already created CBitmap and it will load the file.
* Added right click menu to Triplanar map's node picker with "Clear" and "Select in Scene" options
* Added new button to batch load maps into SelectTex
* Changes
* Changed the default order of Corona Scatter rollouts to be more intuitive.
* Object lists in Corona Scatter show full name of each object in a tooltip, if the name is too long to fit into the list.
* Unified names of newly created Corona objects to Corona[space]ObjectName
* Fixes
* Fixed constant IR restarts in V-Ray GPU caused by Corona Scatter scattering objects with animated modifiers.
* Fixed crash when loading some uncommon HDR files


* General
* Improved the way intersecting media are combined

* All combinations of intersecting media should now be resolved correctly
* Intersecting media are added together if and only if their containers are transparent (so VolumeMtl, VolumeGrid, PhoenixFD are always combined together).
* Fixed issues with environment overrides, such as increased amount of noise and incorrect results
* Fixed bugs with some textures having alpha higher than 1 either when loaded from disk or as a result of mipmap computation
* Fixed loading of some uncommon .hdr textures
* Fixed TAB order in CoronaBitmap (got broken in previous daily build)
* Corona Proxy Exporter - When exporting non-grouped objects, the exporter now suggests a default output name based on the object names to be exported
* Adaptive solver checkbox moved from the Performance rollout to the Development rollout


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