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Caustics playground!

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Today marks the day when Corona + Caustics became reality!
We hope that you are as excited as we are, and that you will share your experiments in this thread!

The daily build is available to all license holders. Info and download:

The new caustics can be enabled with a checkbox in the Performance tab.

Any tests are welcome, and we are super interested in your feedback.

More about using the new caustics on the helpdesk:

This looks great - can't wait to give it a try!

Inevitable one.

Good Luck

Congrats team- a beer is in order! Quick shots focusing on reflective vs. refractive. 

Suggestion:  My shop does a lot of work in visualization for glass products, and one thing that helps a lot is controlling the caustics in post (thank you for including a separate pass for caustics).  However- what would be great is if we could control it directly in the VFB for Corona.  Is it possible to figure out a way to treat the caustics like a light in lightmixer so we essentially turn it up/down via exposure?  A further suggestion (and I'm sure more complicated for denoising), would be to have a checkbox next to the light in lightmixer so you can turn each light's caustics up/down in-render.

Thanks again- looking great!

I have absolutely no need for this in my workflow, but damn if don't think this is cool. Have fun


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