Author Topic: Background for interior shots (view out of windows)  (Read 1151 times)

2021-12-03, 14:19:19


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Hello Coronauts,

because I'm less and less satisfied with my renders, I would like to know your approach. How do you create the view out of a window in interior scenes?

Do you create all in 3ds max? Or do you use special world generating software?
Do you use landscape photography? Do you use stock or shoot landscape yourself? Do you use 360 panoramas?

my problem is to find photos that match camera angle and focal length, also the light needs to match the interior scene. Usually I take more than one shot from different angles, so I would need the same landscape shot from different views aswell...

Until now I get the best results by placing some plants into the scene. So I do not have to worry about scale, camera-angle... i can also tweak the light best. But for more exciting views it is quite a lot of work to create all the exterior.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it.