Author Topic: Threadripper & Ryzen only builds (3rd Gen starts on page 50)  (Read 374263 times)

2022-03-03, 19:39:49
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If you want to run the 3990x with PBO a 1000w PSU is the bare minimum. Just for reference I tested my 3990x WS (cooled with a custom loop) with PBO turned on and it was pulling out around 880-920 watts out of the wall during rendering in Corona. The other 3990x is currently being used as a rendering node, clocked @ 3.7ghz all core and is pulling around 550 watts (cooled with the ice giant).

850w is ok if you are running on stock since on stock is pulling out around 370-390 watts when rendering. My guess is that it would pull out even more when gaming or in any task where you would use both your cpu and gpu at the same time.

Hi Vuk,

Are those 370-390 watts all what your PC is pulling when rendering? What are the other specs of your PC? I'm trying to figure out how many watts a 3990x would pull when rendering so I can get a UPS that gives me at least 4 hours of runtime.

2022-03-04, 08:49:24
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Hi yes, that is all the power from the case when rendering without the monitors ofc. The specs are quite simple since it's a render node. Just 1 nvme SSD, 128gb of ram (4x32sticks), and an rtx 3060 which might be an overkill for a rendering node but I have put it in case we use the machine as a workstation.

I actually bought a 1000w PSU for that computer also a GPU upgrade happens at some point.

2022-03-05, 19:45:51
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AMD Threadripper 5000WX Series is really disappointing, the same 64 cores. Looks to be just a slight clock increase. Meanwhile GPU's are increasing in speed tremendously.

2022-03-09, 08:05:32
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I'm newbie here, and I need a help

I'm going to buy new workstation. Now I'm working on i7-7700k, 32gb ram, and GTX 1070 and it's little bit slower in workspace and also rendering time.
Now I want to buy AMD

I want to buy:
PSU: Corsair RM850 (2021)

I would ask, if it is okay, or may I make some changes?

Thanks for your help

2022-03-30, 01:13:43
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Hello to community,

I'm planning to build a new workstation in order to work with Cinema 4D and Corona Renderer, for archviz purposes.

Im currently working on on my good (but very vintage !) 4930k /1070ti / 32gb ram computer, and need to have a more powerful workstation for projects growing in size & complexity.

My current workflow is modelling the arch part on Sketchup, adding assets, trees, & details on C4D & Forester, and rendering on Corona.

Below is the list of components i'm looking at:

AMD - Ryzen 9 5950X - 3,4/4,9 GHz OR AMD or AMD Threadripper 3960X

Asus - AMD X570 TUF GAMING PLUS - ATX or Gigabyte x570 AORUS Elite ATX / (Or S version)

Msi - GeForce RTX 3080 VENTUS 3X PLUS 10G OC LHR or ASUS ROG STRIX NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 V2 OC Edition (or any 3080 available depending prices ( Or maybe a less powerfull GC, 3070 or 3070TI if i go for Threadripper 3960x)

Kingston FURY Beast 128GB (4x32GB) 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 / KF432C16BBK4/128 or Corsair - Vengeance RGB PRO Series 64 Go (2x 32 Go) DDR4 3200 MHz CL16 or Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 128 Go (4x32 Go) DDR4 3600 (PC4-28800) C18 or Patriot Memory 128 gb (but can't fin 3600 CL18 on Patiot ?)- I dont know what to choose between 3200 CL16 or 3600 CL18,  i have read they should perform the same, any idea ? ( Maybe i'd go for only 64gb if i go for the Threadripper)

Corsair RM850x (Modular 850 Watt, 80 PLUS Gold)

Be Quiet! ATX Silent Base 601 (Really like the look, but is that a wise choice ?)

CPU Cooler :

Noctua NH-D15 or Be Quiet ! be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 or ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 280 or Corsair Hydro 115i RGB Platinum, 280mm

SSD 1:
Samsung SSD 870 EVO, 1 To (For C: and programs)

SSD2 :
Samsung SSD 870 EVO, 1 To (For current projects & stored assets)

Seagate BarraCuda, 2 To, HDD – 3,5" SATA 6 Gbit/s 7 200 tr/min, 256 Mo ( For assets and finished projects / file storage)

- I'm planning to buy all the components, and make it assemble in a local shop, maybe with a little overclocking for the CPU made buy the shop if i stick with the 5960x. Do you think it is safe for a long term usage ? Shoul I choose air or watercooling if i ask for overclocking ?

- I'm not sure if I should go for the 3960x and a less powerfull graphic card, or go for the 5950x an a 3080. As i am working with Sketchup for arch modelling I often experience slow viewport performance on C4D with large projects, where there is a lot of nested compononents & instances (I have read C4D dont handle many objects vey well, and i hope it will get smoother with a more powerful GC)... But 3960x seems 25% faster on renders, which makes me hesitate a lot.

I would be glad to read your comments !

Thank you !


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2022-05-09, 07:40:13
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With Lenovo having a tether on the 5995wx I was curious if anyone has given any serious thought to the Lenovo P620 line?  They have a sale right now on that knocks a $20,000 USD machine (insane!) down to 12k.  I hate to buy an inflated pre-made build but still am curious if anyone has any thoughts or experiences.  We are a 2 person studio have currently have a 1950x, a 3970x and two 3990’s for a small farm.  Wouldn’t mind expanding but with supply the way it is on the 3990 it has my eye on other options…not in a huge rush but hope to buy/build another machine in 2022.

2022-05-09, 16:51:00
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Insane price. I wouldn't spend that much on one single computer, unless maybe the single core performance is several times better than nowadays.

2022-05-09, 19:45:02
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Insane price. I wouldn't spend that much on one single computer, unless maybe the single core performance is several times better than nowadays.

I totally agree, but given what I can find the 3990 for, even that system is going to be $$$.  Likely will not get it as I can’t justify the price given current projects.  I heard somewhere you might expect an overall performance boost of 20% or so but haven’t seen non synthetic benchmarks yet.  And I’m sure single thread won’t be significantly better.

2022-05-18, 11:22:50
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Hi pedro,

I managed to make my build stable and render without problems with corona denoiser by disabling CPU turbo boost in BIOS. Gigabyte calls it core performance boost. No more black screens, yay!

Hey mojemenojemato
I have exactly the same problem. When it crashes screen turns black, monitor goes into sleep mode, nothing works, not even the reset button. I have to switch off the PSU. I changed the voltage to 1.35V and felt more stability. The problem now happens once a day. But I still haven't found a definitive solution. Could anyone help?

The build:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
Deepcool Gammaxx 400 Ex 120mm + 3 Cooler Fans Deepcool 120mm
Kingston Fury Beast, RGB, 32GB (2x16GB), 3600MHz, DDR4, CL18
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus
Corsair CV650, 650W, 80 Plus
2TB HD drive

Hello everyone,

my new build is giving me headaches and I have run out of ideas to make it stable.

The PC is used for modeling and rendering in max 2016 with corona 6 (hotfix 2). When modeling or doing basicaly any other type of work, the machine is working nice and fast. But when rendering it keeps randomly crashing. Sometimes I am able to render multiple images, sometimes it crashes 2/3 into the render, sometimes at denoising. When it crashes screen turns black, monitor goes into sleep mode, nothing works, not even the reset button. I have to switch off the PSU. The symptoms are exactly the same as people describing in other posts here

The build:
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
NOCTUA NH-U12P SE2 + AM4 mounting kit (repurposed from previous pc)
G.SKILL 64 GB KIT DDR4 3600 MHz CL18 Ripjaws V ( 2x32GB)
Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus
Seasonic Core GM 500W Gold
two other HDD drives

My first suspect was RAM. When I did memtest-86 on those RAMs, one specific address kept returning errors in one bit (10000000 instead of 00000000, or E7F7F7F7 instead of F7F7F7F7, you get it). So I tried turning off XMP without any change in behavior. Then I pulled one stick out, hoping to leave only the good one in. It kept crashing, so I swapped the sticks, still crashing.

Second suspect was overheating, but temps under render load are (from HWiNFO64) 69c for CPU die average, VRM MOS 86c, GPU chilling at 52c after 30 mins of rendering and they dont seem to creep up more.

Third suspect is PSU, but all online power calculators say it should be able to handle it with reserve. I have 750W PSU from previous pc so I can try that, but it was making strange squeak noise when AIDA64 performed L3 cache copy benchmark. This new makes it too, just quietly/differently so I assumed its a feature.

Windows event manager is not very helpful, it only says unexpected shutdown. PC runs Win10+latest updates, latest drivers and BIOS. I did not tinker with any RAM or CPU settings.

I am thankful for any ideas.