Author Topic: DR: why no renderengine does it like mental ray?  (Read 791 times)

2018-03-19, 14:52:46


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Right now noone in our company is using DR for production so I am asking just out of curiosity:

Back in the days when I used mental ray I learned to love that mentalraysat service.
The moment you hit render all assigned nodes began to work for you.
No scene loading just immediate rendering with immediate feedback on the host machine.

Now I wonder what they did so differrently and why no other renderengine (i know of) works like this.
Maybe someone could explain without going too much into details.

2018-03-20, 11:38:33
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Apparently the GPU rendering engines currently on market can work like this, but don't quote me. (Octane,F-Storm, not sure about Redshift).

Yeah this kind of DR would be god-send. I have 10Gbit network, PCI-E SSDs in every PC, and I still have to wait minutes before medium complexity scene begins on nodes.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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