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Hi yes, that is all the power from the case when rendering without the monitors ofc. The specs are quite simple since it's a render node. Just 1 nvme SSD, 128gb of ram (4x32sticks), and an rtx 3060 which might be an overkill for a rendering node but I have put it in case we use the machine as a workstation.

I actually bought a 1000w PSU for that computer also a GPU upgrade happens at some point.

Doing any kind of conversation with the new converter turns all existing materials (from previous corona versions) now named corona legacy materials to the new physical material. The only way to avoid this is by doing the "convert selected". I would consider this being a bug.

I wouldn't consider it a bug if there was an option where you could select "don't convert legacy materials to physical" though. Why didn't we get the convert to legacy material feature as well?

Maybe it is me but some of us find it hard to do the switch from legacy material to physical material overnight. Besides the fact that all of our commercial projects from before were based and made with the newly called legacy material. I personally get a lot of requests from clients for updates on older projects. We are opening older files done with corona 5 or 6 and we have to be super careful with using the converter in those files since it might turn all of the already made materials to physical which then results in a completely different image... And I kind of find this frustrating to be honest.

I think that if you plan to make such a radical leap, and I do find it radical for the above-mentioned reasons, you should at least educate your users and provide video tutorials on the official corona youtube channel where you break down the differences between the legacy material and the physical material. Where you actually re-create the same material in both legacy and physical format. This way the user will find it easier to make the transition and actually not run away from using the new features.

My 2 cents...

If you look at it like that, purely based on price, then yes the 5950x is a better buy since the 3960x is far from 2xfaster. On the other hand, you have more pci-e lanes on the TRX40 and 256gb ram and more cores (slower ones though). The question is do you need those extras or not.

Also, the 5000 series has better IPC and can boost much higher than the 3000 series so you will have better performance in terms of opening files loading files, opening the material editor, generally all the tasks that are single-core oriented (pretty much all the tasks that are not rendering). If you are not in a rush I would suggest waiting for the new Threadripper series.

Hardware / Re: Sharing drive in Windows vs NAS
« on: 2021-10-25, 13:46:13 »
@ dia.interactive

Try copying a bigger file for example if you have a single Blu-ray movie or any kind of single file that is over 10-20gigs at least. I suppose your max file was not even over 3gb so the copying process happened too fast in order to reach the full 1100mb/s.

Also, try setting up Jumbo packets to 9014Bytes in the Device Manager tab by clicking the 10gbe Network adapters tab, and then in Advanced, you will find Jumbo Packet. Make sure to set it also on the NAS side.

Lastly, the 10gbe NIC you have is integrated into the mobo rather than a separate network card. The 10gbe NIC's tend to overheat easily that is why you see a lot of the NIC's having heatsinks and vents on. Maybe that speed is just the maximum of that integrated card. Just for reference, I had a few ASUS XG-100C NIC's and also a few QNAP NIC's and they both use the same AQUANTIA controller.
The Qnap cards seem to be better optimized and tend to be colder on the touch than the ASUS cards that would overheat easily plus the QNAP card was always faster and reaching the speed limit while the ASUS Nic was always a bit slower.

At the end of the day 900 Mb per sec is quiet a good result and not something you should ultimately worry about :).

Hardware / Re: rendering stations
« on: 2021-10-21, 17:56:21 »
This configuration has one critical point and that is the PSU. Your PC would probably shut down as soon as you start putting some load on the CPU or the GPU. The 650w PSU is not enough for a 3970x and a 3080ti.
I would change the PSU for starters to at least 850 or even 1000w if you want to use the 3080ti as your GPU and a 3970x.

If you want to go for a 3990x you will probably have to take a weaker GPU since it will surely surpass your budget. At the end of the day, it is your decision but purely for 3ds Max and Corona, you don't need anything better than the RTX 3060 right now. I would suggest swapping the GPU for something weaker (depends on your budget) and the PSU for something stronger (at least 1000w) and also changing the cooler for a Noctua U14S it's better than the one on your list.

Hardware / Re: rendering stations
« on: 2021-10-21, 17:29:15 »
Hello in that budget you could fit a 3990x the only problem will be what gpu you want. The price of the configuration will also depend on the prices in your country but here is something that could work ok in that price range.

1. Cpu - 3990x
2. Asus Strix-XE Gaming TRX40 ( you could opt for a higher-end motherboard if you want to spend more money like a Zenith 2 Extereme or Alpha)
3. 128gb Kingston DDR4 3200Mhz 4x32sticks
4. 1200w Be Quiet platinum PSU or Corsair HX for example
5. 1TB Samsung 980 PRO Nvme SSD
6. RTX 3060 of any brand (the cheapest best buy RTX solution since it provides 12GB of ram, you could go with a better card but if you are not doing gpu rendering or gaming no point at all)
7. ICEGIANT ProSiphon Elite or Noctua NH-U14S for TR4 socket or if you want to spend even more money than a custom loop but be prepared to buy up to 3xtimes in respect to any air solution
8. Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL - great case, huge can fit anything inside plus the airflow is great! I have one :)

To conclude you have 3 components where you can save or spend more money. That would be the 1.motherboard where depending on your needs you can spend x2.
Pretty much all the motherboards even the ones that cost 400-500 euros will have enough vrm power to run your 3990x without any issues on stock, some even overclocked.

2. The GPU where you can spend x5 :) and the cooling as number 3 which is probably the most important part where you can spend up to x3-4.

Keep in mind that the above mentioned air coolers will run your 3990x perfectly at stock but if you want to use PBO or do any kind of extreme overclocking you will need a custom loop solution.

Hardware / Re: Sharing drive in Windows vs NAS
« on: 2021-10-21, 11:05:25 »
@dia.interactive - It is not a mistake to keep files on hdd's and if you are on a 1gbe network there is no real point in investing into an all ssd setup since you will be limited by your network to 100-110 mb/s.

Be sure to upgrade your network with a faster switch (2.5gbe,5gbe or 10gbe) in order to fully benefit from the setup you are about to install. Also use network NIC's inside your PC or any other port that is faster than 1gbe (pretty much all new motherboards today offer 2.5gbe by default). Raid 1 sounds ok but keep in mind you will only have1 SSD capacity so check if that is enough for you.

I am using a Raid 0 on the ssd's in order to achieve maximum capacity but I have 2 daily backups of the entire SSD raid over to the HDD RAID 5 and also a nightly offsite backup to the NAS located in my house.

Hardware / Re: Sharing drive in Windows vs NAS
« on: 2021-10-19, 19:39:32 »
Qnap TS-1277. The initial idea was to load all from the Nvme RAID 0 (proxies and textures mainly) but since we have most of the models on the RAID 5 we usually keep our model asset textures there so loading usually happens from the 2 raids (nvme and HDD raids) and the single ssd's.

Hardware / Re: Sharing drive in Windows vs NAS
« on: 2021-10-19, 16:51:07 »
My Nas setup is as follows:

1. 6x10TB Ironwolf Drives in RAID 5 (for models, assets, backup of old projects, photoshop assets, etc...) - Drive bays of the NAS

2. 2x1TBSamsung Enterprise sata SSD's 2.5" no RAID (just for textures) - Drive bays of the NAS

3. 4x2TB Samsung M2 970 Evo Plus nvme SSD's in RAID 0 (for all current projects and project-related files) - They are all stacked up on a QM2 Quad nvme SSD card in the PCI-E Gen 3x8 slot of the NAS

4. 1x512gb Samsung M2 860 Evo sata SSD's in RAID 1 for the NAS operating system (M2 slots on the motherboard of the NAS)

I don't use caching haven't tried it to be honest but I know a few people who tried it and had problems with it. Especially when you use read-write cache and when the SSD's get filled up. They tend to become super slagish and start affecting the network badly.

Hardware / Re: Sharing drive in Windows vs NAS
« on: 2021-10-14, 19:36:39 »
@ Ink Visual - all that you said seems spot on to me. We use a NAS(Qnap) in our office and for now, it works fine.

We also use both HDD's in raid 5 and Nvme SSD's in raid 0 for our project and asset shares and so far haven't spotted any difference in speed between the HDD raid and the SSD raid in terms of scene loading, dr server machine loading, render pass saving, etc... The only speed difference is in the sequential "department" but pretty much all the work that we do is based on random read and write tasks. We all have 10gbe nic's and a 10gbe switch.

@ Ink Visual - Would you mind telling me how many of you access the windows machine that you made as a server? Is it also running win server or normal win? What is your setup in terms of hdd's, ssd's and raid?

Hardware / Re: Monitor Recommendations
« on: 2021-10-09, 20:54:20 »
@Juraj - How do you think the PD3200U compares to the DELL U3219Q?

I have one U3219Q in the office and I wanted to try Benq (never tried a single monitor from the brand) so I am stuck between the older 3200U and the "newer" Dell (2016vs2019). The Dell is a bit more expensive around 200 euros but there is also the option of the much more expensive 3220U, that I don't think it's worth it.

Hardware / Re: Help with new solution
« on: 2021-10-02, 19:09:58 »
Price and performance wise I think you are better off with 1x3990x then with 2x3960x. I might be wrong do some research since prices tend to vary from country to country. You can call it with the U14S stock or you can put an Ice giant and clock it to 3.7ghz all core and get even more performance out of it (on the cheap). If you want to run PBO all day on the 3990x you will need a waterloop but consider that it will cost 3x times over the ice giant cooler.

Hardware / Re: Rtx 3060 12gb vs gtx 1080ti?
« on: 2021-10-02, 18:58:10 »
For best performance in 3d Max go for the 3060. Other than that depends on your budget and how much are you will to pay for a used card or a new one. In my country used gtx 1080ti go as high as new rtx 3060 so I would always but always get a new 3060 over a used 1080ti. Used 1080ti are 5-6 years old, god knows if you got a mining card or from someone who used it just for gaming...

If you want to run the 3990x with PBO a 1000w PSU is the bare minimum. Just for reference I tested my 3990x WS (cooled with a custom loop) with PBO turned on and it was pulling out around 880-920 watts out of the wall during rendering in Corona. The other 3990x is currently being used as a rendering node, clocked @ 3.7ghz all core and is pulling around 550 watts (cooled with the ice giant).

850w is ok if you are running on stock since on stock is pulling out around 370-390 watts when rendering. My guess is that it would pull out even more when gaming or in any task where you would use both your cpu and gpu at the same time.

Hardware / Re: AMZ Plug n play 3990x ?
« on: 2021-07-29, 10:54:31 »
At first glance, this looks at least 30% more expensive than it should be. I might be wrong but you can check that just by imputing the parts each one by one on amazon and calculating the total price.

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