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Hardware / Re: Ryzen 5995XW Build - your opinion
« on: 2023-03-13, 12:54:05 »
thanks for that - but turning it off, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having such a beefy PC?  does it not render as fast?  what are the downsides of turning it off?

I've noticed about 20-30% of a performance drop on my end here - at least in all the various benchmarks. So my 5995wx went from being a bit faster than a 3990x that has HT enabled, to being slower than it :)

Hardware / Re: Ryzen 5995XW Build - your opinion
« on: 2023-03-09, 09:47:05 »
Thanks for the repliy mate.

So correct me here if i am wrong, the 13900KS on the benchmarks is around 30 seconds.  I currently have a 3970X TR and these results are around 27-29 secs.
Am i missing something here or is the 13900KS just a little slower than what i currently have?  the price of a 13900KS is just over 1K AUD.  Massive price difference compared to the 3970x - with me now wanting the 5995xw which according to the benchmarks is around 11 seconds and costs over 11K AUD.  Price vs Performance wise, am i missing something or am i better off getting 2 or 3 13900KS instead?

I would probably take those 13900KS results with a grain of salt. Those are probably overclocked entries so the 13900KS I would still expect to be slower than the 3970x although by all accounts definitely not by a very noticeable amount. My impression is that the 13900KS probably falls somewhere between 34-38s on the benchmark scale. That said, the benchmark doesn't necessarily account for all types of scenes so there might be some additional variation in there going either way imho.

I would most certainly say the same for the 5995wx. My build, as you can see on the entry list, clocks in at around 16-17s. Given that I'm running it without an OC my impression is that this is quite a realistic position for it. It is after all very much like the 3990x but with higher clocks and IPC which should probably account for that extra ~15-20% performance. I definitely can't imagine the 5995wx scoring 11s. That is dual Zen 3 Epyc territory I'd say.

For what its worth I pretty much agree with Juraj on all points except maybe on number 3. I do tend to consider myself to be somewhat fussy for when it comes to waiting for the UI to draw and all those wonderful single threaded tasks where a 7950x or a 13900k is just plain faster than a 5995wx is but when I'm working I really super appreciate the IR speed and I don't quite feel the need for more single threaded performance. I mean it would be great by all means its just that to me it seems like a good in between combo. I haven't used a 13900k or a 7950x yet mind you but the drawback there is that you're just waiting for noise to clear compared to a 5995wx. Depends on your style and needs I guess.

One thing to consider with these new Threadripper Pro builds is that they are incredibly expensive. Especially for arch-viz or product-viz where you don't need 9123412312 PCI-E lanes. So unless you know you'll put it to good use its very much worth considering investing in a mainstream platform and reaping some of that extra single threaded goodness.

Hardware / Re: Ryzen 5995XW Build - your opinion
« on: 2023-03-08, 11:03:39 »
I mean I got a couple of WD SN770s (Gen 4, 5GBps) for my main drives and honestly for the main tasks that I do I find these perfectly adequate. Wouldn't ever think about RAIDing them. The speedup I get when transferring files (animations etc.) or the tutorial recordings is pretty great compared to a regular SSD but it does kind of end there - outside of that I personally wouldn't be able to notice the difference. So I guess as subjective as this statement might be, I personally don't think RAID is necessary. Unless you are constantly transferring over a _crap_ ton of data. :)

Hardware / Re: New PC 7950x vs 7950x3d
« on: 2023-03-07, 10:36:38 »
By and large you can potentially come up with some estimates based on the 1st gen V-Cache part that is the 5800X3D. With that particular CPU, based on the publicly available benchmarks, we haven't really seen an uplift there. Looking at the charts the performance is actually ever so slightly worse due to the lower overall frequency.

Hardware / Re: Ryzen 5995XW Build - your opinion
« on: 2023-03-07, 10:33:21 »
Seems pretty similar to what I got including, to an extent, the memory (I'm using Ballistix, 8x16GB) and it works really well for me. I did opt for an air cooled system with a Noctua U14s.

Unless you want to slot a second GPU in there I do think the 2000W PSU is overkill. I would guess it'll be below 50% load so efficiency would take a hit.

@davetwo, I think shortcirkuit plans on populating all 8 of his slots with 32GB sticks.


You can't do that from the local machine unfortunately (please post a feature request in the appropriate forum for it) but what you can do is open up the Team Render client on the individual nodes and in there you can set your thread override pretty much the same way you would on your local machine.

Hope that helps!

I'd sign under what Tom said. When the VRAM on my GPUs is near full even moving windows around can sometimes get choppy. Would definitely look into that first.

Also, IIRC the GTX 970 had 3.5GB of "fast" memory and 0.5GB of a slower one. Been quite a kerfuffle around it when it released if I remember correctly.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Help with granualar organic texture
« on: 2023-02-20, 17:42:29 »
In case you might try using a bump map bitmap to drive the effect of an uneven surface considering lowering its blur offset to -99%, that might bring in some of the crispiness in those bumps and bruises.

edit: Sorry I meant blur scale and not blur offset. For whatever reason I constantly mix the two and end up saying the wrong one. Huh. :)

Maybe a silly question, but is it worth the price of such a system ?...

If you are feeling a bit adventurous you can try snagging used EPYC CPUs for a lot less :) Doesn't come without risks though obviously.

And just to demo the tag-drag-yellow outline workflow :)

Unfortunately we don't have a search system for the materials (could be a neat feature request, we'd like to encourage you to post it in the appropriate part of the forum) but what I typically do is I re-drag the material I want to edit into the Corona node material editor and that then outlines the material with a yellow color. See the attachment for a visual demo :)

This not only works for dragging materials from the material manager but you can drag materials directly from material tags or other parts of the UI where you can see the material preview itself.


What I tend to recommend to my colleagues is to always stick to the QVL (qualified vendor list) as that thing is as close to 100% as you can get.

That said, I have a 5995wx on the ASUS WRX80 Sage motherboard and I opted to go with a couple of Crucial's Ballistix 3200mhz kits. I populated all the slots and if I recall correctly the thing isn't on the QVL list at all (Can't  double check right now as the website is down, it for sure wasn't listed with all slots populated though).

It works really great, fortunately.

I think 3200mhz is a nice sweet spot for Zen 3 TR so you'll be fine provided the sticks will work with the board. The maximum speed you can use with Zen 3 TR according to AMD is 3200mhz.

In case its worth anything to you, the rendering benchmarks I did with my 3970x (Zen 2) on 3600mhz vs 2667mhz showed only a very minor difference so going from 3200mhz to anything higher I think you might be getting into the "negligible" gains territory. At least for when it comes to rendering.

The above is obviously just my personal opinion but if I were to build another WS right now I'd probably again give another 3200mhz kit a go. For render nodes, I'd probably cheap out and go with 2667 or whatever is the official max specced speed.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« on: 2023-02-03, 12:28:16 »
From my understanding of things I think what is important to recognize here is that 100% CPU utilization doesn't necessarily directly correlate to how hot your CPU will get. At least that is the behavior you see in Windows.

Think of it this way - Doing a render with Corona will saw your CPU utilization reach ~100%. Lets say your temps are around 70c at that point. Then, when denoising kicks in, the CPU utilization is still 100% but its hitting different parts of the CPU and now your temps are closer to 80c. More or less same reported utilization but vastly different temperatures.

Similar thing happens with AVX workloads. Your CPU can be 100% utilized on non-AVX workloads and your temps will be fine. Then if you run an AVX workload the CPU will downclock itself automatically and you'll still see your temps rise up considerably.

So behavior like that is also something worth considering imho especially since we don't necessarily know how the built in Cinema 4D render engines are hitting the CPU (and which parts of the CPU).

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Corona for Apple Silicon M1?
« on: 2023-02-01, 15:53:17 »
In my experience, most 3D apps use the RAM for loading all the textures for faster access. Is that not how Corona works? Are you saying you have 125 GB of textures?

Hope I can help here by offering a super simplified answer :)

Corona (and any other renderer / software really) needs stuff to be in RAM so that when a ray travels through the scene and hits something it then "knows" what exactly is there and how its set up.
If your RAM is full then your SSD / HDD will act as an extended RAM so to speak - but because that hardware is slower in general it'll be orders of magnitude slower than accessing stuff from RAM. Hence why you can still render stuff when you run out of RAM but its really slow.

Happy to hear you've figured out what is up so quickly! And thank you for sharing the solution :)

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